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📲 | Check out the new @musicfeeds article written by Jade Kennedy. link from the article: https://t.co/TyJ5iC3h0y https://t.co/qLPKPw5dAe
- NEW ARTICLE ! “Ruel On Playing Tyler, The Creator’s Festival, Album Plans & Staying Grounded At 15” Article by… https://t.co/bNKECnHjnb
RT @ajplus: Evan Rachel Wood joined the #BreakBreadNotFamilies hunger strike prayer chain to protest Trump administration polic… https://t.co/uGx01QUVVo
🔥 Today on the Hot Seat: Kennedy Smith #PacerWSO (presented by Tyler's Tire & Auto) https://t.co/WtTxSz7vqN
@LukeP_5 I’d like to hope to be able to compare it more to what Roy Williams did in 12, 13. Brought in players like… https://t.co/McmKJToRTI
@Gerv_Rebrand Tyler Kennedy looks happier now that he got his nose job https://t.co/46xHhWhaHC
RT @almostjingo: Guessing they probably didn’t show this two minute standing ovation for Justice Kavanaugh’s family and for he, POTU… https://t.co/K21BF69jeo
RT @TheNoahRing: How did Ted Kennedy stay in power for so long? I mean He basically killed a girl While drunk driving While mar… https://t.co/u40qR8cvMh
RT @RealCandaceO: For the first time ever, my right to speak as a black conservative is being DENIED at @DePaulU in Chicago by VP Ric… https://t.co/2LbirOiS1U
RT @punker_irl: why does it sound like tyler the creator produced this https://t.co/JqtfmOAbwe
Washington Adams Jefferson Madison Monroe Adams Jackson Van Buren Harrison Tyler Polk Taylor Fillmore Pierce Buchan… https://t.co/5fMd5TkAVw
@The_Tyler_Grant Actually, he belongs in the U.S. Senate. Besides, Ted Cruz's dad shot President Kennedy. Many people are saying that.
Congrats Taylor and Tyler !!❤️ https://t.co/JYU0ekoUrv
@bymikestephens Why can't I vote "has Tyler Kennedy's nose"
Muckers and Grinders win the Tyler Kennedy 3v3 Penguin B championship! Thanks for the great tournament weekend!!… https://t.co/IjgbmyzqGb
all i wanted to do was call kennedy, tyler, cher, jada, tay and bralon and tell em i love em
RT @lunsfordschair: Shout out to the GS defense and special teams today. Absolute unit. 1 Sack. 5 TFL. 2 INTs for 58 yards. 1 TD. Kenne… https://t.co/xJVRKZ4y7b
I missed your live on IG!! 😣 @TaylorCole and @tyler_hynes Enjoyed the movie #FallingForYou #FallHarvest ❤🍎🍰
RT @TwitterMoments: Judge Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court in a 50-48 Senate vote, replacing the vacancy left by reti… https://t.co/pWldH2HO9L
RT @heartiedeb: @hallmarkchannel I absolutely loved #FallingForYou. One of the best movies in a long time. @TaylorCole & @tyler_hynes were great together. ❤
RT @ruthhill74: Read my interview with actor #AgapeMngomezulu who is making his @hallmarkchannel debut in the #FallHarvest film… https://t.co/DGurSo6Jrz