Tweets about a recent trend: twugs

@DonnieWahlberg sorry time difference problems but here's #TWUGS from us in Glasgow 💙
@CLmuziq since @DonnieWahlberg was giving out #TWUGS I figured I'd send you a #CHUG. Hope all is well with you. Good night. 😘
@DonnieWahlberg looks like no #wish #TWUGS #Love or anything to night for me but thats ok hoe you have a good night #TWUGS
@DonnieWahlberg Are you giving out #TWUGS still??! I'm not too late to the party! #TWUG ❤️
@DonnieWahlberg #wish for what I've missed so much cause of 2 jobs #TWUGS @SuperJen1117 ❤️
@DonnieWahlberg I know I missed it. But. Many many #twugs. 😁💙☺️
@DonnieWahlberg oh shit missed ur twugs again here in uk u must be twugged out lol 😉🤗🤗😂😴😴😴
@DonnieWahlberg do you have any late night #TWUGS left could really use one please and thank you for all you do
Sending Big #TWUGS to you @DonnieWahlberg. #TWUG me back please. #loveeternal
@DonnieWahlberg twugs from uk 🤗🤗🤗🤗😁😉#twugs i need one as well
@DonnieWahlberg #TWUGS I need one rely bad today!!! It will help me get through this tough week
@DonnieWahlberg #TWUGS donnie would be nice to have one back been home with a sick child and now I'm feeling blah #BHLove alway
@DonnieWahlberg you still 👀lurking my friend💗 can we talk? About 💫some late night #twugs✨💫🌜