Tweets about a recent trend: TWUG

Twug gets on my last nerves lol like everyday 😩
RT @FoxNews: .@POTUS arrives in Montana ahead of tonight's "Make America Great Again" rally. (Courtesy: KTMF)
RT @ABC: Trump administration touts greenhouse gas reductions, even as it moves to roll back regulations. Acting EPA chief…
@FoxNews LMFAO !!!! She should realise that the POTUS, IS the Commander in Chief !!!
@DonnieWahlberg Glad your flight went well. Hope you have a wonderful day! Can’t wait to see you in Detroit this su…
@DonnieWahlberg #twug #loveeternal #nkotbcruisex cant wait to see you!! #1stcruise hopin for a good time!!! xoxo
@DonnieWahlberg have a nice dreams Ddu, enjoy the cruise!! love you so much!! besos and #twug papi
@louaitken @CEN_NZ Haha, thanks for the lovely #twug 🤗