Tweets about a recent trend: Twizzlers

Someone legit brought a half-eaten bag of Twizzlers for food day at work. Way to go all out! 👏🏼👏🏼
@marcrofta Me when my office starts providing salt and vinegar chips and twizzlers three weeks before my wedding
Been eating twizzlers since 8 am bc it’s 420
twizzlers gotta be some of the most underrated candy
There should be a zine called Standard American Diet. Food porn, poems about love affairs with Twinkies and Twizzle…
@Crazy4ComicCon @TWIZZLERS I plead innocence @Crazy4ComicCon - I have a family member who insists that Red Vines ar…
Bring back turkey twizzlers
@yvonnewingett I always thought twizzlers and red vines were basically the same thing...
Only flavor of hi chews I don’t rly like are the cherry. Reminds me of medicinal twizzlers 😷
@awsten i gave you twizzlers when we met verify me pls
@Wendys do u smoke twizzlers?
I was there! Can't wait to almost passout from laughing again, only this time in the comfort of my own home, where…
I ate too many twizzlers last night and vommed when I woke up , happy 420
@MsJulianaMonroe Twizzlers > LITERALLY everything else
@neweasyrecipes Gotta love Twizzlers straws 😍
@yvonnewingett Redvines and Twizzlers! Oh my 😮
RT @evilpez4: Happy National Brownie Appreciation Day Happy National Doritos Appreciation Day Happy National Bag Of Chips Ahoy Ap…