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I have identified 3 ways to increase Twitter's Golden Ratio Followers:Following. 1 ethical, 2 sneaky but effective.
@PoepGra That bothers me too. He's Twitter's golden boy.
2012-13 were Twitter's golden years. The way the banter wasn't filtered
@babymommakiller bro that's twitter's golden age...imma take that as a compliment 😎
@JeffDillTacitus also that filter is called "Twitter's Golden Filter + the cracks on my camera screen from dropping it in a parking lot"
I'm Twitter's golden child. People here will never turn on me.
Hey, guys. Twitter's golden boy, Daniel, here, and when I'm not writing jokes, I'm fighting raccoons for food in the dumpster behind Subway.
In honor of today being the third anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting, here's one of Twitter's golden tweets.
@AlisonChenoweth back when I was still Twitter's Golden Boy, Netanyahu
@stephenfishbach You're Twitter's golden boy ;)