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RT @trendinaliaCL: ⒍ Jorge Burgos ⒎ #Sub19 ⒏ Premio Nobel de Literatura ⒐ #CongresoRD ⒑ Bariloche 2016/12/10 11:17 CLST #trndnl
#amsgh The NPP is now trending in Ghana, ranking 15
RT @MuhdDarazo: Join us tomorrow 11th of Dec. by 7pm to mark the birth anniversary of Prophet of Muhammad (SAAW) by trending…
RT @TheodoreBoborol: Thank you for tweeting about and trending #VKJTrailerLaunch! Help us spread the good word about the film please! 😘 #VinceandKathandJames
RT @NanaGyosa: nanti trending la si ayda jebat tu.. pastu dia bangga ingat org say congrats kat dia padahal org maki.. 😂😂😂😂
i looked on twitter and saw this triggered in four words tag trending and saw so much racism and hate ✋
Newt Gingrich: Donald Trump Sticking With 'Celebrity Apprentice' Is 'Weird' #trending
RT @svkxsvkikv: #YA ALLAH trending !
RT @ntysix: rather set a trend than to get caught up trying too catch up with what's trending.
RT @chetanlfc: Dara Singh launchd also trending bcz of @akshaykumar sir 😎😎😎😎.. WELCOME JOLLY ON 19DEC
RT @trendinaliaKE: @Machukah Did you know that #CofekSummitKE was Trending Topic for 9 hours? → @ConsumersKenya #trndnl
RT @kaungko: Hugh Hefner is trending. He's not dead. He isn't chosen to be part of Trump's Cabinet. So either a Russian spy or Disney's doing his movie.
so proud of baby Aura. still trending at no. 1 ang ganap nya. ikaw na tlga dear😳
RT @JoySrkian: 1 Month 15Days To Raees is now trending in India
RT @billboard: The top trending music videos of 2016 #BillboardNews
End to common core is trending this morning 😖
RT @trendinaliaAR: @LaBarraDeBrian ¿Sabías que el hashtag 'MENTIRAS DE MADRUGADA' fue TT ayer durante 10 horas? → @ybuenoqueseyoh
RT @Team_Abuzar: Guys let's start trending #سالگرہ_مبارک_شادا_شرارتی @shararti714 Come & join us and celebrate #HBD our Beloved bro
RT @smasood800: This is how people showing love💓 &respect for their leader @ImranKhanPTI #IKwonHeartsOfMillions is trending in Paki…
RT @ak_iharsh: if WELCOME JOLLY ON 19DEC trends den v r gonna hv 2 tags trending at d same time.. #AkshayLaunchesDeeDara
Open-source upward-trending #app