Tweets about a recent trend: TWITTER PURGE

What the actual fuck, how did i manage to lose 30 followers in 6 hours... I haven't even been on twitter... Purge?
When the next Twitter purge happening I'm tryna see some nice ass titties
well apparently a twitter purge is happening -__________-
I'm surprise I didn't get exposed during that Twitter purge
@xRavioli Twitter purge lmao, jk
time to do a Twitter purge.
did Twitter purge porn bots again?
@daddymarkvine all hail the Twitter purge!!!
@YaRasko_ He had 8.63m followers when his account was suspended. Twitter purge? Is anyone elses going down?
Did twitter purge fakes/bots today? Follower count went down but no unfollows
Time for another twitter purge! Too many weirdos! Bear with me yall! πŸ˜‰
I liked a @YouTube video from @ThunderS7ruck Black Ops 3 - Pokemon Go Twitter Purge, Youtube Too Late? &
Right, that's it. Twitter purge time
@Costofles @TonySandos never hurts to be a little proactive in case of a twitter purge. Telegram, Signal, Tox, Discord...
I have so much to do in the AM twitter purge, start on a video for YouTube, Facebook friends list purge a ton more
@codycarsonsbutt @MaxxsMouthStub if they actually did a twitter purge, do you have any idea how fast my account would be gone lmao
@alistaire_leigh I like your twitter purge. It's similar to having a really good sxxt. Get rid of the crap.
@BillybobN A fee days ago there was a @twitter purge of "hostile" accounts. Perhaps they applied it broadly.
I'm about to do a Twitter purge because no one I follow has the Deathstroke news for me to retweet πŸ˜’ #unacceptable
@JustSandsworld A good Twitter Purge feels good once in awhile.
"Having a Twitter purge soon you've been warned"chill the fuck out Adolf it's twitter not 30s Germany
The huge twitter purge is done also, if you don't play RO, i need new 7K Songs, pls help:
Oops getting a bit trigger happy with my Twitter purge :'D