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RT @KnockOutVlnes: Akon has raised over a BILLION $$ for Africa and not one word is spoken about it in the media. RT to spread the word
Re-living your Top 10 CRUSHES all over again!
RT @quinncy: Mall getting slammed by racists screaming over an African-American Santa. If you think it's a good thing, can you c…
RT @AaAyAa0930324: 🌼自己紹介🌼 💛00line from Nara ❤にしちあ寄りのall推し 💙aオタ歴4年 💜LEAP OVER 参戦済み🎤 よろしくお願いします🙌 #aオタさんと繋がりたい #AAA #RTした人全員フォローする
RT @Guardians: Check out the new Marvel Stickers: Hero Mix for iOS with over 20 stickers designed by @100soft! Available now:…
Sunrise over Loch Eilt, Scotland | Photography by ©Jim Richardsonng.
RT @SheaSerrano: when the twins were 4 Boy A got into a fight w/ a girl older than him ~ Boy B saw & ran over there to fight her too…
RT @djolder: A major literary agent said "fuck you" to a major publisher over racism. I'm with it.
RT @nicksanchez2_: Flipping my pillow over to the cool side in the middle of the night
Boobs just took over my whole body
RT @itsMookIDGT: When you invite your homie over to smoke in he bring his hole squad
RT @KitSilver: Holy cow!! I stumbled upon epic cuteness at #MFF2016! Con over, man!!
RT @martucci_peter: John Kasich is shedding some crocodile tears today over one of the jihadists he helped to import. #OSUAttack
RT @DelSchilling: I have been tweeting this everyday. Will you join me? Over 2000 Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women - #MMIW
@Tinashe I have had 3 random dreams with you in them over the past 7 days... 😱 is the universe giving me some meeti…
RT @TheFinalDre: when over thinking keeps you wide awake at night
RT @trillpal: I pray my son never lays in bed late at night crying over a low life girl & wondering what he did so wrong
why these caucasian mayonnaise trying to take over a culture one by one
RT @anthonycasey2: 🚨🚨Via Alex Jones 2012 #PizzaGate #spiritcooking on AHCH, CHANNEL 287 on DTV 4 years before the election. Alex is al…
RT @RawStory: Trump fumes over SNL portrayal of his Twitter habits: ‘Unwatchable! Totally biased, not funny’…
Loyalty over everything we'll get rich together 💯
RT @comedyandtruth: when it's that time of the semester to get ur shiz together, but u have 0 motivation and just over life