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Keystone XL approval in the U.S. signals the end of the line for pipeline politics via @financialpost
RT @TorrensJonathan: 1) STOP! 2) Figure out what you want 3) Calculate the energy you're spending/wasting on other things 4) Apply it to your goal instead 5) BAM
This why i don't put my time and energy into things
Energy, where art thou?
One of the most troubling ideas about climate change just found new evidence in its favor - The Washington Post
@bIueLoL it's the Common Filth phenotype - people investing way too much of their negative energy into random twitter accounts
RT @ssudanii: selective with my energy now
Hilcorp's gas line has been leaking into Cook Inlet for over a month. They'll start repairs in ~10 days:…
Bates Motel in 30 minutes and it's almost 9 PM? Tf. Also, I've been having lots of energy at night lately and it's freaking me out help lmao
RT @richchigga: hey wassup u bad energy spreading Motherfucker
Gonna stop investing so much energy into people that don't even try to reciprocate the effort
RT @zodalover: If you get the chance to see @deerhoof live, don't hesitate. High energy, fun(ny) and oddly interactive
RT @Roland_1992: Been putting all my energy into other people lately. Now I'm back focused on me.
@Tmhr____107 そうそう、嫉妬や(笑)
RT @LeoDiCaprio: Leading scientists propose a new approach to tackle #climatechange called the #CarbonLaw. Learn more:
RT @coachcraw4d: Greetings! Big Ups to Coach Torbush & @ETSUFootball for the All Access today! High Energy Practice! '17 Spring Prac…
RT @FlashFudd: Nah u said and I quote "FML I gotta go to work at 12, kill me now." Well I pulled up so Ima need you to have that s…
RT @JC33LIVES: Privatised power companies fail to provide supply, inflate prices. @DanielAndrewsMP @JayWeatherill @TurnbullMalcolm
@MykaKnows wala besh. Kaya nga may mga binibigay na biyaya para tulungan tayong makipagbakbakan. Tara kain, ibsan ang energy gap haha
RT @RobinHoodTax: California’s clean-air agency voted to push ahead with stricter emissions standards for cars & trucks #ActOnClimate
RT @_YEF: The factor driving the revolution is not ideology, but price. @DanJCass on the democratisation of solar energy –
.@peachykeen26: Clean energy will benefit generations to come and will bring good jobs to Nevada. #renewnv #nvleg
One day I might have energy to workout
@MikeHudema old energy is dead, but like detached lizard tail, it still twitches, as a decoy.
Another taxpayer backed energy company goes bankrupt