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Sorry, Twitter. Correcting middle initial: "Chester B. Dingleberry." #iagov
@amperg33 @John_16_2 Cool thanks for the heads up I'm pretty new to twitter Correcting facts still ok ?
@RiggerdTeat @legna_fo_htaed @NFLonCBS its Twitter. Correcting grammar??? You fucking douche bag hahahahaha
I stay scrolling through twitter correcting all the improper english....
@Phil_B_Hughes @clemsontyger04 @clemsonlover74 Oh so you run around on twitter correcting grammar. Get a life, by the way I got a 126 IQ bud
Cant even pronounce words and shes on twitter correcting people grammar, take a seat 💺
They both said they were going to bed but yet they both on Twitter correcting me 😂😂