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A Message from Twitter ( COO ) Chief Operating Officer : Johnson Cornhole - Enjoy Twitter my friends but please, no…
@HelenMirella Lo que uno se encuentra por Twitter coo'
Twitter COO Ali Rowghani Resigns Amid Lacklustre Growth - #TechTongue #Tech #Mobile
Brand equity: In talks with Twitter COO Adam Bain..
RT @dickc: First full day as Twitter COO tomorrow. Task #1: undermine CEO, consolidate power.
This night mode on Twitter coo
RT @Ablvdd: This night mode on Twitter coo
This night mode on Twitter coo
Twitter coo & all, but sometimes it's annoying 😒
if yall wanna be somebody different on Twitter ; coo 👐🏾 just make sure we don't know the real you 🙃
but Eskia on Twitter...coo coo