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@CNN pure ridiculous lies from his cronies to keep people from talking about his own child rape case. We need people with half a brain to
RT @JayDub1210: Unless it's a major tourist attraction in a red state! @CNN #Gatlinburg
RT @CNN: Nigerian Nobel prize winner Wole Soyinka says he gave up his green card when Donald Trump won the election…
RT @CNNEE: Con #YulianaAndreaSamboni y #YosoyYuliana, usuarios demuestran su rechazo al caso que estremece a Colombia…
@CNN Wasn't a cheap shot either. Both stood up to each other! ( btw kangaroo had mans dog in a powerful headlock )
RT @funder: @funder #TrumpLeaks Court Deposition: Trump admits he told friends to buy his Bally's stock before public…
RT @cnni: Why Ghana's upcoming elections matter so much, via @CNNOpinion
@CNN @VanJones68 take your "white lash" and shove it where the sun doesn't shine. What a racist comment & Van Jones should be fired. Yea rt
RT @CNN: Officials hold press conference after warehouse fire in Oakland, California. Watch live:
@JonTannery @JustSayn2000 @CNN oh I know how it works... which is exactly the reason why something's not right?
RT @CNN: This man smacked a kangaroo to save his dog
RT @CNN: Pundit compares Ben Carson to Wu-Tang Clan's famed singer Ghostface Killah
God bless the inventor of camera phones, cause this is the GREATEST moment caught on tape, EVER and Im glad I saw i…
@LTuya83 @CNN Good Bye, stay out of a CCW state , you don't know the law
Trump wants to cancel Air Force One order from Boeing via @CNNMoney He is full of shit as this article points out!
Senate votes to rename cancer bill after Joe Biden's late son, Beau #joebiden #cancer
RT @Dolarpo: My colleague is vexing CNN was interviewing someone in Aleppo. "Aleppo is being bombed but they have light. Me i'm in Abule Oja, no light"
@CNN Your reporting is so dishonest. You may not exist as a new's organization in four years. Name the subject matter.
MSNBC is like fake news central. Fake News target #1. (or CNN, depending on the day)
RT @CNNEE: ÚLTIMA HORA Allanan oficinas de aerolínea LaMia en Bolivia para buscar información sobre el siniestro…