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What do you think when I can't follow you on my other account because you try to bully me so on Twitter, @billboard?
@Flight_91 we need a black twitter billboard to tell lmao
I wonder if I can troll #theforceawakens twitter billboard with garbage...
@BankofAmerica please would you do a #tsq16 twitter billboard again like you did in 14? You would rock!
#twitter: Billboard+Foto: " Alfombra roja de #womeninmusic está a punto de comenzar! 󾭚📸 " 󾮜...
《TWITTER|@Billboard_JAPAN》【News】BABYMETAL、米ビルボード“World Albums”2015年間チャート5位獲得!… #babymetal
@sugalaurmani they were crowned queens of the twitter billboard chart