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@mrsgreeeen Ui dark side of Twitter lol poste doch einfach nichts wenn dich andere Meinungen nicht interessieren.
(why do i suddenly talk about myself like wth self but whatever this is my twitter lol wth self just go rest y u arguing to urself)
@acrphoto smh hate these paid agendas on twitter lol.
@PeakFM @CraigBRadio you got that write best radio station ever you and gav are the best just need @gavp77 to follow me on twitter lol 😂
@DamianWeber10 heb jij twitter lol😅😅😅☺
@kyle_whyy you're unblocked now 😽😽 I forgot bout twitter lol
"Hun Twitter" Lol.
@kamiyabae la vita del 90% di quelli su Twitter lol 😂😂
Why you gotta be like this twitter ? Lol
Whenever I wake up, I always have like 20+ notifications on Twitter lol
@CarlaSpade Where are the death threats? Certainly not om Twitter. Lol. You'd think they'd be able to lash up some screenshots as proof.
And yes my dad has Twitter lol what is life.
@_eeedahc I was sleep. And I just looked at it but I didn't know you was awake til I just got on twitter lol
I forgot I even had a twitter lol rs
RT @twt_malaysia: Now I would like to share our adoption story with you. How Sean found us through Twitter. I love Twitter lol
Does blackpink has a twitter lol
Maybe it's just better to delete this twitter. Lol
RT @kace_thatsme: Saw one of my favorite chef's from #HellKitchen on Facebook now I'm following him on Twitter lol @ChefZachWomack
na 2 maanden weer een keer op twitter lol
I stay sneak #dissing on twitter lol
RT @Trekles: Nothing but hypocrites on twitter lol
having a pinned tweet shows how many people check your twitter 😂 lol went from 45-324
i didnt even know this until Twitter. lol