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Infinity Challenge is suddenly my favorite korean show
The Champions Cup action keep on coming - next up on SS3 is Saracens v Scarlets or follow live here:…
RT @FoxNews: .@realDonaldTrump: Measure 6: "A complete ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections."
RT @OnlyInBOS: Happy 40th birthday to @celtics head coach Brad Stevens!
RT @ghi_hayate: でも確かに中山莉子の破壊力と言う名の可愛さはどえらいな
RT @kaiyrod: I'm just worried about why tf they gave them no knees at all.. doing too much.
RT @akomarofff: если стыдно показать чадящий крейсер Кузнецов, то можно натовский флот выдать за российский
RT @PrezTomKruczek: RT @tawny_flareau09: Let's Falcon go!!!! It's GAME DAY 💙💛
RT @TPM: CNN panel laughs when Trump backer says no evidence to call him racist (VIDEO)
RT @2525222828: 昨日の次男を塗っただけ。背景が決まらないンゴ………
Dentro de #FILSA2016 📚 pueden encontrar en la carpa norte lugares para comer, nuestro invitado México🇲🇽 se hace pre…
RT @vote_RT_FAV: Co wolisz? #RT Kinder Country #FAV Kinder Czekolada #100pytan #wywiadztwitterowiczami #100pytań #wybierzjedno
Gracias al programa EnCorto de @teleamazonasec y a @titiaguilarg por el presente de cumpleaños "La Perla".
Zoy un llentelman de ézoh, Jelou, jau ar yú?
RT @ltsGirlCodes: When ur mom calls your name and you fake sleep and ur mom tells someone else to do it
RT @unsmokabIe: texting your irl friends vs. your internet friends
RT @ewzc_: Budak-budak yang main twitter ni selalunya dapat straight A, 4 flat semua. Aamiin 🙇