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The desktop is the most important connection between the user and the network.
i just wanna punch the desktop/throw my phone at it 😭😭😭😭😭
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Custom Desktop Tower Computer 4GB 500GB Intel Core i3 Windows 10 Home wifi
RT @GravityWiki: Gravity Falls Don't Color This Book!: It's Cursed! Final cover art vs mock up.
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Loathesome!! Trump Repeals Anti-Wage-Theft Regulation via @thedailybeast
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RT @mlnestel: “I can't fathom how an office acquired such a high volume of 6th Amendment materials.”ex fed prosecutor @JustinGlawe
@_AndreinaTesch whatsapp desktop > whatsapp web
Adorei meu capuz de Coelho XDDD pena que não tenho um na versão desktop.
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