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@jimcramer it's semantics. Selling a put on $100 stock and stock goes to zero would ruin you anyway. Same EFFECT which I think was JC point.
Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube de @lifemotosbr CB Twister - Expectativas para a nova Twister 2017
ツイッターは童貞で全然女性経験ないのに 女とは、とか話し出して恋愛アドバイスするから そんなん聞いてたら絶対成功せんわ
Beautiful can be achieved by practising noble too What an initiative @ITCHotels #Itcsonar. Celebrating the…
RT @ely_jhoa: Se te hizo tarde - Twister 🎤
Kids Jiu Jitsu Seminar with Professor Cris "Midget Twister" Rodriguez
@ArtificialGaia Evan take her hand and shake it as the matter of manner. "Czarina ka? A little twister tongue"
Beberapa cowok playboy sebenarnya hanya takut disakiti jika dia terlalu serius dgn seorang cewek, makanya sering meninggalkannya d #Haha^_^
How perfect allymac3989 that we watched this last night. It was the 21st anniversary of Twister…
Still love watching twister ...RIP Bill Paxton #Twister
Being a part of the noble initiative #EarthHour with @ITCHotels #Itcsonar, bescause we believe in #responsibleluxury
RT @TIME: 5 books that can change your life
RT @ITCHotels: .@Pen_Twister We are delighted to have you with us at #ITCSonar. Celebrate #EarthHour in the lap of #ResponsibleLuxury
.@Pen_Twister We are delighted to have you with us at #ITCSonar. Celebrate #EarthHour in the lap of #ResponsibleLuxury
bio320 ni dah macam tongue twister 'she sell a sea shell at the sea shore'
RT @110PercentPod: Have you cast your ballot in the #CTWMascotShowdown final yet? The poll is up. Will it be @WHLHurricanes Twister or…
@TheBubbleBubble owning condos or apartments for rent in urban areas is a great area and w mobility as a growing factor, makes it plausible
You know what's great about millenials? That's it That's the joke
@TheBubbleBubble buying houses yes, buying land, not so stupid.