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RT @JBFamiIy: Twitter released a social media milestone that showed JB had 2 of the top 5 most retweeted tweets on Twitter @ numb…
i delete so many tweets right after posting them
RT @suhasmatiwade: @KyaUkhaadLega @250praveen he should have deleted his account Deleting individual tweets will take too much of time
@sammiann13 please tell me this is ab all the abortion tweets.
RT @little_meggg: I'm mad I can't send myself tweets anymore
RT @marIboros: my tweets might be about you
RT @MayWardElites: Trend Alert! 6th spot nationwide with 20+k tweets! Keep tweeting flyers @MarydaleEntrat5 @Barber_Edward_ MAYWARD A…
@marioteguh stuju om, trslah berbagi lwt tweets om:)
6 Daily Reminders to Take Your Tweets From ‘Meh’ to ‘Wow!’
Tweets don't match how y'all live to be honest
RT @armentangel1: En la tarde solo hay tweets de risa y en la noche pura depresión😂
RT @MarVoreeOFCL: Three words and above sailors, para counted ang tweets :) Thank you! :) MARVOREEmains STRONGER
me reading tweets about u lazy bitches cheating on finals:
RT @jilleduffy: MEN: Please read this series of tweets. It's only 9 tweets long.
@baileyboo_16 @MJ_23_4 @cuellarlizzy14 my tweets aren't about her when I tweet oomf damn you dumb but real for trying 😂
@FollowGalaxy2 Ya lo sabia, y por favor no me etiquetes en tweets random.
if you couldn't tell by my tweets, music is really life.
RT @HPrettyFaith: 4th Spot NW With 28.5K Tweets/1:40 P.M, Manila Time @PBBabscbn @abscbndotcom @robertmarion @iamsuperbianca M…
@CharlieCoombes1 @UnCastellsMes @darren_dazmav I like my own tweets so much I could marry them.
@lcfcsanny & If you seen my other tweets. Im as frustrated at the team as you are. We need to sort it out BIG TIME!
@RJthaDon89 @JotaFlowers @HxbxKxl its okay if you fuck with j cole lol it wasn't a joke all yo tweets damn near about dude you a real fan
@Nessabet13 i read your tweets while you were blocked tho