RT @sarah11918: @jbiggley On Android, there are 2 awesome but slightly diff twitter apps. I use both, for diff purposes: @tweecha_en and @twitpane.
Testing out some free Twitter apps. Will report my findings.
@missfara i bukak kat echofon tak masuk. Bukak kat twitter apps baru ada 😥
@Joggable es gibt haufenweise mobiler Twitter-Apps... versuch doch davon mal eine ^^
Have abandoned the Facebook and Twitter apps in favour of an app called Metal which manages both using the mobile websites.
@sc_Slayerage oh and on mac and iphone u wanna use tweetbot, the best of all twitter apps, just in case u wondering OSsloth
@TheSiFlyChannel yea I will say Apple has a better variety of Twitter apps. But that's minor.
I feel 3rd party Twitter apps are getting crippled somehow. Replies are often missing/delayed and search barely works. Just me?
- upfoll rp & twitter pasif - upfoll & uplikes ig - service twitter - apps for android t. lelang ac
Still trying to see what comes next after tweeting #Broncos. Prolly only on better Twitter apps not this shitty @echofon app.
@LBoogieFab5 dawg the loss caused him to delete his Twitter apps off his phone 😭😭😭😭 money on the way though
What are good Twitter apps for iPhone that will allow blacklisting? *chinhands* I am done with ads
@BurgerVonStadt @Ivsy01 is this for me or @Ivsy01 ? I think some Twitter apps can automatically send those types of tweets.
@DjMidli thanks! happened a couple weeks ago but the twitter apps don't show it very well anymore
no twitter apps are working on my phone 😢
140 Billion ? I wonder how many of those are people having to re-download Facebook and Twitter apps because of space issues? #AppleEvent
Alguien sabe en q lenguajes están programadas las apps de @facebook y @twitter? #Apps #Coding
@hankgreen for people that view tweets outside of the official Twitter apps(texts, legacy apps)the change in colour wouldn't propagate over