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@G7SEV I’ve no idea how people use the standard apps. Tweetdeck desktop and Tweetbot all the way. If they ever pollute them I may just quit.
I hardly use @twitter since they dropped Tweetdeck desktop app. Chrome app doesn't cut it.
@ClaudineRichard je sais que tweetdeck desktop le permet. Hootsuite aussi... mias va falloir que tu valides avec tes TI!
@doer_dre real and organic HINDE TWEETDECK/DESKTOP APLICATION AND BOTS HT #aldubpagbangon
What happened to @TweetDeck desktop app? I can't find an official download anywhere
Gente guapa, ¿algún sitio donde pueda descargarme Tweetdeck desktop? Que no me sale ningún enlace oficial de ellos y es mosqueante.
/// Question to our readers from the writer *Aimee* Do any of you use TweetDeck desktop App?
There’s an autocorrect on my Tweetdeck desktop app and it’s awful and unpredictable and I hate it.