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Refer to my snapchat for my last tweet 😂- ashley_jacks0n
@AshleyJay_xx thanks for the re-tweet Ashley, love the outfit very cute and sexy, have a great day my lovely xx
@ashleysiandrea Thank you for your further tweet Ashley. Can you confirm stop/service/direction/time so we can forward this on for (1/3)
@epDannyEdge Danny why did you tweet Ashley but not me
Since you wanna tweet Ashley.
@ashleyv_86 Thanks for the sweet tweet, Ashley! We'll be sure to pass along the kudos to the Crew! ^SG
@emarley Hi! Saw the tweet Ashley RTed — I actually have about 10 years sysadmin experience and have been heading towards devops
Why favorite that tweet Ashley if you still have Vayne blocked and unfollowed me.
"You don't even tweet" - Ashley @12Harper
@AshleyyAmorr @_DanielleNieto_ wasn't that originally UR tweet Ashley......