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RT @PreviouslySerie: #TVD #SPOILER❤☺ Elena escribirá una última entrada en su diario en el episodio final.
RT @cwtvd: Can Stefan dig himself out of this one? #TVD
RT @julieplec: Dear #TVD twitter. You guys have been very patient and open-minded while I do my tweeting about the world. Now it's your time. Any ???'s
RT @MishuNow: -He has a beautiful fingernails. -He has a wonderful penis! 😂😂😂 I CAN'T WITH THESE TWO. BEST BROMANCE EVER. #TVD…
RT @iansspain: Una alumna le dijo a su profesora que amaba a Ian y que le encantaba TVD y ella le dijo que fue con él al instituto…
RT @cwtvd: How's that for a comeback? Thanks for watching #TVD!
RT @TVDFRA: #SPOILER 🔴 Fan: "Aura-t-on du Klaroline dans le final de #TVD ?" Julie Plec: "En quelques sortes."
RT @cwtvd: West Coast! Kai makes his wicked return on #TVD, starting NOW on The CW!
RT @cwtvd: 3 episodes left. #TVD is new Friday at 8/7c! #TVDForever
no les pasa que cada vez que miran un capítulo de tvd se enamoran cada vez más?
RT @cwtvd: 3 episodes left. #TVD is new Friday at 8/7c! #TVDForever
RT @TVD_Season_7: @TVD_Season_7 because Matt's mom is working with her and she interrupts the reception & Damon's best man speech.
RT @wbalkcom: @julieplec will the ending of #TVD tie in with the storyline of #TheOriginals?
RT @woodteampl: 📌 || Nie będzie szczęśliwego zakończenia dla Kaia w TVD.
RT @CAPRICHO: Katherine? Klaroline? O que esperar do último episódio de TVD
RT @cwtvd: 3 episodes left. #TVD is new Friday at 8/7c! #TVDForever
RT @DE_FTW: julie: please tvd fans resist spoilers for the last episode also julie: *tells fans katherine will be in 8x16*
RT @biebsftbangtan: Bye PLL, Bye TVD and bye teen wolf thank you for making my adolescence entertaining 😭
RT @TVDFRA: @julieplec Are we going to see Katherine again in the final of TVD?