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RT @PreviouslySerie: #TVD Fans cuestionan a @julieplec con la pregunta MÁS repetida de todas "¿volverá @ninadobrev en el final?" y resp…
RT @vampirediaries: RT if this was your reaction to that last scene #TVD #DefanDrama
RT @PreviouslySerie: #TVD @julieplec confiesa que espera ver a MUCHOS PERSONAJES con los que hemos viajado durante estas 8 temporadas e…
RT @vampirediaries: Congrats to @iansomerhalder on directing tonight's gripping episode, and to @drmattdambrosio for writing it! #TVD…
Je supporte plus de voir la gueule de Damon dans TVD......
RT @JaymiUJWorld: Keep reading articles of artist saying how upset and genuinely hurt they are not to receive a Brit Award Nomination! Pipe down & get a life
RT @JaymiUJWorld: Back in 2015 , we made the shortlist for a Brit Award and even though we didn't get the nomination , took it as a massive conpliment
RT @tfaddicted: #TVD #TheVampireDiaries | Recensione 8x08 - We Have History Together "Okay, cerchiamo di dare un senso a queso...
RT @JaymiUJWorld: And counted ourselves lucky to be in the position we are! People think the world owes them something and they deserve everything makes me 😡
Im season 4 of tvd in like one week im proud
favorite TVD character?
Les anciens épisodes de TVD..
Bom dia Só pra quem acha que a Nina Dobrev vai começar gravar cenas para TVD Pra quem não acha, só dia mesmo
tvd played bmth before and now they're playing patd i luuuuuuv
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RT @TVD_Season_7: @TVD_Season_7 and the way he talked about "Their vomit inducing love story" as if he was maybe jealous.
Bon je lance l'épisode de TVD
The Vampire Diaries | Recensione 8×08 – We Have History Together - Telefilm Addicted #TVD
@cabeyohave pll got scream gotham arrow tflash lot supergirl constantine tgd ob t100 tvd to st fi tw twd pb jj oitnb 3% wp the oa
Je viens de regarder l'épisode S08E08 de The Vampire Diaries ! #TVD #tvshowtime
RT @delenaerys: "[Stefan] bailed on me. Damon stepped in." - TVD's summary in 7 words
Putain arrêtez de parler de sirène je les supporte plus depuis leur arrivée dans TVD j'ai une haine profonde envers ces femmes
Je viens de regarder l'épisode S08E07 de The Vampire Diaries ! #TVD #tvshowtime
RT @SeriesUpdatesFR: #INFO #TVD Le 8x08 a réuni 1,1 millions de téléspectateurs.
Acabé la temporada séptima de tvd y qué sufrimiento parce, la peor