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RT @NWDogRescue: Your support and RT’s are paying off! Young Oscar here has a Homecheck pending!! That’s two this weekend folks so l… https://t.co/JAco9MWy6g
RT @Emma_black_cat: A year ago today this special girl lost her brief fight with a brain tumour aged roughly 19 years old. She achieved… https://t.co/6LWrLvFnQl
RT @NWDogRescue: Please RT to help me find my furever home. You'll find all my details and an enquiry-form here https://t.co/NtoRqlxcuP Scotland
RT @agosan512: 猫好きとしては放って置けない。 飼い主さんに届け! チラシは武川駅。 個人情報もあるので保護者様の名前、番号は伏せてます。心当たりある方はDMください。 #迷子猫 #迷い猫 #保護猫 #埼玉 https://t.co/deEIijWvBV
RT @PDRescue: JAKE DISAPPEARED FROM BERKSWELL GREENWAY CV7 IN DEC 2014~WHERE IS HE??? https://t.co/IIOUzKRI4t Please RT… https://t.co/wiJxBa21fN
RT @muyinteresante: Se parecen a lobos en miniatura. La causa: una mutación natural @Muy_Mascotas https://t.co/Vz5mNd8DzY 🐱
RT @sakura_hanauta: 今夜はお刺身だと確信してるエイトさん(*´ω`*)ひたすらその時を待つ♪ https://t.co/GHuDGfo0Ln
RT @KeighleyCatCare: Welcome gorgeous Loki to the KCC family this #Caturday night! He's around 6 months old and a super sweet boy who wa… https://t.co/7datqSVn3Y
RT @CPDownham: In the past 2 days, we've reunited 3 cats with grateful owners! 😺 But now, we need your help with two more 😿 Nei… https://t.co/UeasnN7tcA
RT @sakura_hanauta: ルルさんご機嫌ナナメなの!?...目が合ってもニャンニャン言わないね(´・ω・) https://t.co/0ZEftZwMvX
RT @BanditsBud: 🐾 Hello furry friends. My leg is big & swollen and I can’t put it down but the visit to the Jab Man helped a lot. M… https://t.co/r9X8VspLlI
RT @CeciRodriguez94: Les cuento que hago este tipo de cositas para vender por encargue. El que guste estoy a las órdenes 🤗 Me pueden e… https://t.co/aOylMWIcTn
RT @dodo: As soon as she saw this face, she knew why she was drawn there 😍 https://t.co/g2EAsxRcu6
RT @NWDogRescue: Please RT to help me find my furever home. You'll find all my details and an enquiry-form here https://t.co/EL3LsE87qh Scotland
RT @Hogwartssite: "Harry Potter me aburre, es una saga sobrevalorada" Yo: https://t.co/40Xn9rddqF
RT @theHPfacts: when you're watching harry potter for the hundredth time and you still tear up at this scene because you know what'… https://t.co/rEZSmtonWf
Había bebido tanta cerveza que terminé abrazado al poste de luz, de la puerta de la Iglesia del barrio. Cuando pude… https://t.co/AOJeTGeKiv
RT @Lautaro_Matiass: Jajajajaja son un chiste estos que se hacen los "turros"
RT @BitchestheCat: How angry am I about the hatred that is currently destroying the world? I’m “you don’t get a fucking cat picture” angry.