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Update from the Board of Trustees Blue Apple Veterans. Blue Apple Veterans board of trustees have been informed... https://t.co/FJEgzzUaRH
RT @RepealEULaw: Join the #StrongerOUT campaign to #RepealEULaw and enact a new British Bill of Rights. We must unite to secure comp… https://t.co/uolHc8EEQS
Congratulations to Sharon! You’ll receive an email confirmation soon so we can send the Green Beans Gift Basket... https://t.co/D32dzZajy2
RT @iMthinkingPinoy: Pre-written naman ang mga istorya mo @piaranada e, so ok lang yan. Ayan ka na rin lang e itodo mo na ang imbento ng… https://t.co/PTneaRj3Vl
RT @AfD: Jetzt gehts ans Eingemachte: Allein die EU bestimmt die Regeln bei der Zuwanderung. Die #GroKo hat hinsichtlich der… https://t.co/aVJg929jBU
@RVAwonk Botnets exist, foreign interest intent on obfuscating and mis-directing the public mind in current events… https://t.co/gPHcSUQZEY
RT @StephenKing: The NRA thinking: "They're just kids. They'll get all excited about their proms or their Facebook walls or somethin… https://t.co/Ko4c9FBOXs
今朝の「大人の成功者」。 相手の気持ちを考えて言葉を選んで居ますか? 「言いたい時」と「聞けるタイミング」も、違うものです。 https://t.co/Sy6vYu9G9O
I posted a new Wit & Wisdom video today - Check it out here: https://t.co/ZcIVUohNPk
Porra a galera ta tornando o linkedin o proximo facebook, ta um lixo, um monte de textão nada a ve, gente querendo polemica e gente lixo
Seizième lettre à mes amis : "D'un concours IRA ou de comment poursuivre ses études" (2) : https://t.co/qgmm3eUgJv