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RT @laquadrature: La fabuleuse @framasoft annonce son prochain projet #MobiliZon, qui nous permettra d'organiser en ligne nos rassemb… https://t.co/mOBAkpghKS
RT @VoceNaoSabiaQ: Pessoas que preferem o Twitter do que o Facebook tendem a ter um QI maior, mas também são mais propensos a sofrer de insônia.
RT @JesseJackmanXXX: Aren't they adorable? 😍 @DirkCaber @ohheybrew https://t.co/51e0BOOI5m https://t.co/hbjjGgoqFA
Transparency... Duh!... Are you a “Ding-a-Ling”... Kung Fu Bullfighting... make a notebook, it could make someone e… https://t.co/KqUSB6sCzV
RT @annevanhalen: An alle Eltern! Zugewanderte männliche Personen versuchen oft über Facebook sich an naive deutsche Mädchen ranzuwa… https://t.co/YJQjdLkjub
RT @ARCRescueDevon: Name: SAXON Age: 3-year-old Breed: Portuguese Podengo Neutered: Yes Colour: Black Microchipped: yes Have I l… https://t.co/IC1C9ToHKE
WAIT. So if he got three years in prison....... TRUMP MIGHT ACTUALLY GET IMPEACHED! https://t.co/MjNsDAPTLC
RT @Media_Basra: صلاة العشاءيين بإمامة المؤمن أنور الزيداوي المركز الإعلامي _ إعلام البصرة أقيمت صلاة العشاءيين في جامع الإمام البا… https://t.co/Ba4uRjoUzF
RT @Djp5SOS: "KathNiel in the House! Thank You for Staying with Us."😍 https://t.co/DFHbnkdDvO https://t.co/d3pXOVgS02
RT @Shay_Babaay: Someone at my school made a Facebook event called "stress screaming outside of Orbach" and people actually showed u… https://t.co/DRetoAnU7L
RT @cantereventing: Please can everyone get voting for Our boy Allstar B. World champ and 3rd at Badminton, and a seriously cool boy to… https://t.co/niqbEnfgi3
Para los caracteres difíciles... https://t.co/3vKeUkU3dU