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RT @KeithOlbermann: MERLE WAS DUMPED AT A KILL SHELTER BECAUSE SHE WAS “TOO ENERGETIC.” She’s the black dog in the video, loving life,… https://t.co/cTGXlPIgj4
Then And Now Amazing full circle moment to see our Crusher boys all these years later as SLO Blues men. I did… https://t.co/bx9ONRzwCh
RT @NUE5T_instagram: [ 190525 FB : Hang Ten Korea ] 👣 - 뉴이스트와 함께하는 행텐TV <갱얼쥐 JR편> 광고 촬영 현장 속 멤버들에게 궁금한 내용을 대신 물어봤다! 여기서 잠깐 🖐 영상 속 JR이… https://t.co/FObVYVGF5w
RT @myXLCare: Masih mau THR dari Maya? Follow myXLCare Like FB Page: https://t.co/xHVxgy1Khp RT & Reply tweet ini dgn jawaban k… https://t.co/ka0p0SGR0h
RT @_French_Eddy_: Facebook delivers again 😂😂 https://t.co/nqpqav3oU6
Feliz Cumpleaños hasta el cielo☹️. Te recordamos con mucho cariño❤️ https://t.co/34QLRQrl8v
Iya pak betul, jadi susah mau login ke apps lain pakai auth facebook gak bisa https://t.co/IJkYAIeMAh
RT @JuddLegum: Jim Messina went on national TV and called Elizabeth Warren a hypocrite for advocating the breakup of Facebook but… https://t.co/irg0gbZar9
RT @OZONE_48: มายูจร้า...ยิ้มแป้นเลยน้า...>///< ดูทั้งหมดได้ที่ : https://t.co/PNnbnPzOPs #MyyuBNK48 #BNK48 https://t.co/gaIz2ssZes
RT @KaoRhysPexers: Road to 100k views na ang #KaoRhys fmv ni @kaorhystella 💙 keep on sharing, Stormies para mas marami pang casual vie… https://t.co/ICBsgdayac
RT @_jayne79: @MoishesMom TO BE KILLED 25TH MAY 🆘 BROOKLYN ANIMAL CARE CENTER 🆘 Gorgeous Tonga #62443 (M) gray dog 6 yrs 2 w… https://t.co/PugrbQhhvB
Eres parte de los aliados pero no tendras moneditas conmemorativas https://t.co/LzePiDz2sV
RT @WIRED: In case you actually want to #DeleteFacebook, your Facebook-owned Instagram account, or maybe even yourself on here… https://t.co/S9R1Cj8FMj
RT @BrentAllpress: @AC360 Facebook disinformation is a feature not a flaw.
why did the 8 year old get hit by a truck? because mom would rather smoke a pack of cigarettes than spend the mon… https://t.co/QtlLuz2DKq
ตกแฮงแท้ฝนหนิ 🤔🤔 — ที่ นครพนม Nakhonphanom https://t.co/rhK3M2CUpY