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Ready to run the Turkey Trot? Registration deadline is this Thursday. #SpiritWeek #Rivalry154 https://t.co/wjeUtOynU5
Did you know the Moose Troop Turkey Trot is a NATIONAL race?!?! It's a virtual race so even Moosekateers who will b… https://t.co/Lv6LajUfVL
Dayton Turkey Trot Half Marathon & 5K by Ace1847 Sunday, November 25, 2018 Dayton OH Half Marathon & 5K Read mor… https://t.co/JeCEeMaEJI
@ashannmarie7313 Brings a new meaning to the old REO Speedwagon song “Flying Turkey Trot”.
RT @wieberpt_mn: The 10th annual Turkey Trot is coming up soon - get some exercise, have some fun, and support a great cause! Regis… https://t.co/QVexgVZSbu
We are really excited to be part of the upcoming Turkey Trot at Pinnacle Country Club - Rogers, AR. If you haven't… https://t.co/I4zOUkIvBd
This school is going all in on Metallics getting ready for their 5K Turkey Trot! https://t.co/xeLIfnN7DR https://t.co/h7ic6eSd7Y
Team members and individuals . . . we hope you turkey trot right on over to your email and sign up if you'd like to… https://t.co/yp80MiUXld
@StantonThe3rd Hahahahah I gave the finger to everyone in Detroit running the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving last year… https://t.co/IW8qvw0fpO
I feel confident that I will be able to run the Wrightsville Beach Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving
RT @TCloudSubs: Austin Fit Magazine​ rounds up the best Turkey Trots of Texas, and of course Austin's own ThunderCloud Subs Turkey… https://t.co/OuQFJsS9gs
I told my dad I ran a 5k this weekend and he automatically goes, "oh cool I'll sign us up for the turkey trot!" Lik… https://t.co/f6uiFOLK7W
Today is the day! Register for the Turkey Trot! Trophy presented to the largest group/family participating, so get… https://t.co/AkDD67cLz7
Gobble Gobble! The Longmont Recreation and Golf Services presents the 44th Annual Turkey Trot this Saturday at 9 AM… https://t.co/j7KLpxPtpk
RT @caritasofaustin: The @TCloudSubs Turkey Trot always brings out the fun community spirit in Austin, and we can't wait to see you ther… https://t.co/98WXzaFnJi
I’ve officially registered for the Towamencin Township Turkey Trot next Saturday! I’ve always said that one day I w… https://t.co/z8iwqm4hIx
RT @JacksonYMCA: So many options to choose from on Thanksgiving morning at the Jackson YMCA! Turkey Trot at the Downtown Branch or… https://t.co/bV2dUxjdyK
Austin Fit Magazine​ rounds up the best Turkey Trots of Texas, and of course Austin's own ThunderCloud Subs Turkey… https://t.co/OuQFJsS9gs
RT @KUSISports: It's almost time for the Oceanside Turkey Trot! Hear all about this year's event from ambassador Ruben Sandoval… https://t.co/Z2Q4mxgjoE
Register for the Trojan Turkey Trot 5k today! 116 participants! Let's go for 130 today! https://t.co/FqikiAeM6h
There is still time to register for the Struttin' Our Stuffin' Turkey Trot happening #Thanksgiving Morning at North… https://t.co/qXwtL07Ruv
It's Time To Do The Turkey Trot! 20 % OFF Turkey Martini Glasses. On The Back It Says "Self Marinating". Hurry! Ord… https://t.co/RBlN1gQsZK
Start your Thanksgiving Day off in style with the Regal Entertainment Group Knoxville Turkey Trot 5k! The flat, fas… https://t.co/wKxeCUy2Hv