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📷 beifongkendo: Rokuon-ji (Golden Pavilion, Kyoto) in the snow. https://t.co/DXSy9XXY0i
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RT @dawoodghirl: I hate how 'tumblr/twitter' models glorify smoking. it's not artsy. it's not 'beautiful'. it's not 'grunge'.
📷 kpophqpictures: [OFFICIAL] G-Dragon – Concept Photos For ‘Coup D'etat’ https://t.co/wA0YiahZm9
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“Mis ojeras tienen motivos, momentos y nombres escritos” - Naye x (via 50sombras-de-grey) https://t.co/CCH92aMUWJ
What/Who is The STRAWMAN - The people granted authority to the state legislature to adjudicate only a few... https://t.co/IPMcjIY4OM
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RT @Alfie_Jackson: please help Syrian children via @WarChildUK. Buy the song https://t.co/pJ25OqhfTI video - https://t.co/3suZF9XSVq #lastholidaysong4syria
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