📷 xbluebanshee: this is my husband now https://t.co/QfAQsHLcRr
RT @_iKeeRed: @Best_Counselor @domoandcrissy Tumblr is your best friend for downloading cc.
RT @arias3d: Si escucho una puta vez más el tema de la campaña de #piñera https://t.co/uALF1vM7vv
#足立康史「日英議連で議員同士の昼食会があった。大平さんていう共産党の人が憲法改正反対だとぶつ。英国の議員が『いや~今日は良いものを見た、生きてる共産党を初めて見た、歩いてる共産党は初めて見た』と。しかも...”... https://t.co/7wPyMBChsy
📷 awsucker: instagram // thaynabezerra https://t.co/FfLiZO3zwB
Ft. Worth Blues, a song by Steve Earle on Spotify https://t.co/Mmz8lqwYrc
RT @DaisukeT_Pics: 📷 [Gif] Daisuke Takahashi LOTF2017 “ Singin’ in the Rain” https://t.co/T5uEOSNgWu
RT @Tanu_Ve: Видео с концерта Гарри в Сан-Франциско 19\09 #HarryStylesLiveonTour https://t.co/nFOBCtDHhj
@thomallison A bunch of us on Tumblr were talking about Deadpool being pan and who he should be with. For some reason Pree sprang to mind. 😁
RT @die_enddie2: 「組替遊戯1」にI.O×第5章の組み替え作例群「モーフドレス」各種をアップしました。 https://t.co/wNuLEcjznl #アッセンブルボーグ #海洋堂 #TOYTRIBE #イーオー https://t.co/4iqNol6sZx
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Essa é a hora q eu desativo as notificações e vou pro tumblr 💚
📷 entangledjouissance: “Dear Journal….” https://t.co/T91TndbTDQ
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“Pessoas grossas são mais interessantes do que pessoas simpáticas ou amigáveis. Geralmente tem uma...” https://t.co/lphoIl6g84
📷 squynhty: #HappyChenDay pt. (1)(2) Today, September 21st, 25 years ago the Sun was born. To the man... https://t.co/2PljeLEc0Q
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