📷 (via O Homem e a vinha) Número de  tiragem: 10 Preços baseado na impressão. Papéis Fine Art Fosco... https://t.co/7APY1wcse1
RT @_someblackkid: Some of you didn’t spend 8+ hours a day on tumblr in high school and it shows
RT @_someblackkid: Some of you didn’t spend 8+ hours a day on tumblr in high school and it shows
Un peu. Beaucoup. Passionnément… à la folie ! @ A La Folie Paris https://t.co/OnsQjZk0Hs
RT @JohannaTheMad: Hey! After YEARSSS 🎉I’m opening commissions again!🎉 Price list: https://t.co/nVFiVBajxV Contact me at: dbz-johanna@… https://t.co/mGWHmlwVhX
RT @layahimalaya: Hi #VisibleWomen! I'm an illustrator/designer from NZ who likes faeries, plants and pretty things 🌱… https://t.co/q9aFxLqJiR
@shoomlah I saw the sexy Andalite on tumblr and had to come see if they were here too 👀
RT @rassicas: Hey there! I'm Ki, I'm a college student who has a love for Grizzco & is learning Japanese! I like to draw OCs & wr… https://t.co/YwA3ZwwLiA
RT @CherryTBomb: Saw this trending again so hewwo!! I’m Cherry and my dream is to work for the animation industry and hope to one da… https://t.co/SNHFwtnVEa
RT @magnetoestatico: Hello! I'm Teff Pixie from Argentina & I am a comic books inkeer trainee. My portfolio is here:… https://t.co/6jffKNzLnU
📷 foreverosegold: Looking for Kallura shippers who’ll be active members. We don’t mind quiet folk but... https://t.co/VcdzyNAQhR
@snowtflake - Snorunt 🤧🤧 Sei lá amr te vejo fazendo umas fotos aesthetics as vezes e Snorunt é fofo tendo essa vib… https://t.co/TMbwcGeKhN
RT @Aleikats: Name's Alane! I'm an Illustrator+Designer studying her craft online bc art colleges don't want me LOL.… https://t.co/q268cdSP4N
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roger-taylor-owns-my-wigg: Roger: *speaks with his soft voice*Me: https://t.co/tXLOzaKq8e
RT @felictiyqueen: someone on tumblr already made an account solely for gifs of mia. she’s so powerful. https://t.co/jIhsjWpHBc
RT @JaymamonJ: Heya #VisibleWomen is going around again.I'm Jeannette. I love horror and fun monsters and am currently making a c… https://t.co/a7JmomQJMv
RT @WhatAboutAcey: Since Tumblr took it down, I’ll put it back up 🤷🏾‍♂️🤤💦 https://t.co/E40SPIBDhJ