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RT @TheCWThe100: #The100 Ratings: Ties Series Low 0.86M 0.2/1 (18-49) Please Watch Live For the Final 3 Episodes of the Season:… https://t.co/kFI5qOD7kV
I be broke as hell on Tuesdays but come weds I’m back
RT @GCA: School of Golf’s @martinhallGC and @BLAIRONEAL teach why you should try to swing like Tommy Fleetwood when playing… https://t.co/nNSnLXQmK5
@1690Jamie Pink gin Tuesdays are the devil.
Are stuck in life and desperately need a change? . The next Life Works 3.5hour coaching sessions are on Tuesdays 24… https://t.co/tZWnpsfuc4
RT @dropkickevents: Congrats to the #Tekken7 top 3 at this week’s Dropkick Tuesdays! 1st: @wcgalo 2nd: @DukeofWutang 3rd: dtrik Se… https://t.co/CJgtQN4p6B
RT @Breezie_F_Baby: Make sure you lock in Sauce Boss Tuesdays 9-11pm est 657-383-1848 for another great episode. With Quan's Mgmt & Pro… https://t.co/NqaiOAIOYP
RT @AngeITFC: *NEW MUSIC* TFC Tuesdays #1 https://t.co/dK3T4Kq7Gk this a lofi instrumental i made so sleep to this, study to t… https://t.co/Fq0LzHrmDI
RT @WGRZ: Mega Millions jackpot soars to $422 million after no winner for Tuesday's drawing https://t.co/36bUNvcXHl
RT @TheGreenHalo: Wednesday @ The HALO: Cartridges & Shatter Deals plus Free Gram Flower with 1/4 Oz Purchase - https://t.co/6AMHJa5rsL
[2PM IG] We were happy on Mondays and Tuesdays thanks to "Wok of Love" and Poongs♡ #ByeSeoPoong https://t.co/OuCTjIGLWQ
RT @evermix: Missing Ibiza? Look no further ☀️🎶 Our White Isle Sessions heads to one of the most iconic clubs on the planet,… https://t.co/h9vWSPlXtf
So was thinking minecraft mondays and tuesdays, warrior wednesday where we play a campaign game, and sports thhrsday. Hows that sound?
RT @CornishMining: Trevithick Tuesdays will be continuing through the summer at #Eastpoolmine! https://t.co/EAGGEQ1IvS #greatdaysout… https://t.co/jbZxfqijtN
RT @CapeTownTrains: @endinakoto @awethentiq @BongiStix @CPTtwins @dkay_online Senior citizens - all areas - travel free on Tuesdays dur… https://t.co/2uEc5DO3RI
Mega Millions jackpot soars to $422 million after no winner for Tuesday's drawing https://t.co/nTmc5Ei9II https://t.co/OvGP9TtUqm
Underwater Photographer And 'Coral Nerd' Zack Rago On Tuesday's Access Utah @TomWilliams36 @upraccess #Coralhttps://t.co/QbmV06sGmr
RT @STRAYK9DS: SKZ stans Tuesdays are extra special now that Seungmin is the new mc for ASC.
@GraysonDolan @EthanDolan loved this Tuesdays video. I rewatched every single one of your videos made on your chann… https://t.co/VMmXInqgIN
@Shampoonaiza Awoa Is it gonna be on Tuesdays now?
RT @KalleRovanpera: One of the best ways to enjoy tuesdays 😋 https://t.co/f8HJyrX4in
Still can't get over that preview for next Tuesdays ep of #ErkenciKus
@jrogersSMU is she an SLP??? also it was 3 back to back sessions followed by a 3 hour night class so tuesdays are brutal for me lol
if you not coming to Taco Tuesdays at Aja like this. Stay yo ass home. 😂😂 Shawdy deadass might as well went NAKED… https://t.co/iXyqDXzjIB
@HoodieAllen Can we kick back on tuesdays and watch this together or...? At least once before I die pls