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@indomymenfess @BTS_twt Let Go IDOL Airplane pt. 2 I'm Fine Forever Rain Agust'D Day Dream #VideoMTV18del18 BTS @BTS_twt
생각해보니까 이번 달에 생각보다 다작이네? 트유만 볼줄 알았는데
RT @binarysystemage: 아까 나와서 담배피고있는데 우유곽이 나한테 존나 뭐라하고 있었음 https://t.co/VaJnMmZBxp
Commuters face heavy rain and 65mph gusts https://t.co/0gS9akSLXD
RT @uesaka_official: 明日12/19は上坂すみれの誕生日!!ヴィレッジヴァンガードオンラインにて27歳を記念した、27名の素敵なクリエイターの方々によるコラボグッズを販売します!明日19時より受注開始!!詳細は明日解禁致します。お楽しみに! #上坂すみれ #上坂すみれ生誕祭
@Khan007Always @zainabsikander @iamsrk Rain water, ground water, fresh water Ka govt ..Sahi istimaal Karna Chahiye.
Only 1 week till Christmas ❄️🎄☃️🎅 come shelter from the rain with a gingerbread latte ☔☕🎀 #letitsnow #therefineryhttps://t.co/oAHRkYJQ8i
@Riff_rain_ すごいおいしかった🦐🦀手で食べるのなかなか勇気いるけど(笑)
RT @RedVelvet030728: 진짜 개빡치네 인사이트 너네는 언론도 아니잖어 ~~ https://t.co/6YGEBDclkh
RT @tastyjeon: How come Hoseok has the nose and cheeks all those koreans want like he literally fits into their beauty standards b… https://t.co/KJhWR6yqrr
@koreanthingy unb - only one unb - rebooting unb - after the rain
RT @metoffice: A weather warning for #rain and #wind is in force for Northern Ireland #weatheraware https://t.co/1cMoHaSCQl
This unusual weather phenomenon will dump torrential rain on #Peterborough: https://t.co/qwNAbl8Wx8https://t.co/nE0KSKv7pd
RT @oto_soraru: 📝 12/18 そらるさんNHKラジオ 12/19 ひきこもりでも〇〇がしたい! 12/20 そらるさん春ツ当落発表 12/21 After the Rain新曲&AtR配信 12/24 まふまふさん&??オリジナル曲 12/3… https://t.co/V35d3d0AtN
i like rain but not like wet #VideoMTV18del18 BTS @BTS_twt
RT @nojam__nolife_: plato_q 인스타 (RM 'forever rain' 뮤직비디오 디렉팅 & 아트웍) 📎https://t.co/tL5LbPwa2k https://t.co/crSwhKtoxC
RT @joonswrlds: 'Forever Rain' only has 11 million views.... https://t.co/6d12gNzUUk