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RT @WHSVChris: I have issued a First Alert Weather Day. Scattered showers and storms will be around between 12-4 this afternoon, h… https://t.co/f22C3VMuC9
「Dust of a Haunted Alginment」 Orange Kunai follow the player from the sides of the screen. Blue Smoke scare the… https://t.co/KFKdEsTqPu
@rain_nzm_ よっしゃ認めたば〜か(っ`👅´c)
RT @RahilaKhan_: تیز ہوائیں کالا آسمان طوفانی بارش.... اللہ پاک سب کو اپنے حفظ و امان میں رکھے آمین ❤️ #Rain https://t.co/lvSbfV7JiE
RT @FOX19Frank: RADAR NOW: Periods of steady rain in NKY will slow you up on the roads. https://t.co/kuzpvqmaV8
RT @NWSTopeka: Multiple chances of rain are forecast starting tonight through much of next week. Heavy rains possible. #kswx https://t.co/Bpnryudy5q
RT @Nob0dyEpic: Ya Allah swt I’ve seen what u did to others please rain ur blessings toward me Ameen https://t.co/oEgkG7OrFc
RT @RedRiverCroft: After all the wildfires comes sweet rain... and hope of new life and renewal. #fridayfeeling #WesterRossBiosphere https://t.co/HpbMucDSAO
RT @LaurenMinorWXIX: Steady rain in downtown Cincinnati on 75 SB. We’re seeing some ponding on the roads. Take it SLOW this morning.… https://t.co/OYRLY2spL1
RT @BITO_WALE: "Who has made the earth a resting place for you, & the sky as a canopy, & sent down water (rain) from the sky and b… https://t.co/gW6jzPOsgt
TC Kenneth makes historic landfall in Mozambique, extremely heavy rain expected https://t.co/1jhiBnmtCu #Mozambiquehttps://t.co/hoLCM7A4BS
RT @ruths_gallery: A typical #April day with rain on the way later #Twickenham @TWmagazines @Teddington_Town @visitlondon… https://t.co/5ZrMXsg7ey
More rain in Daytona Beach and Port Orange down to New Smyrna Beach https://t.co/Ke4l9EKcjI
@red_rum_rain 顔出しと挨拶だけでも来る人がめちゃくちゃ居るので同じような形でも良いかと思いますよ〜 SAOレイヤーさんのお友達は一気に40人くらい増えると思います(笑)
@yoonszgi @BTS_twt M- Magic Shop A- Anpanman R- Run I- I Need U A- Airplane C- Cypher pt.5 L- Let go A- Airplane pt.2 R- Rain A- Agust D
RT @tttliveonline: Antigua hopes for some rain clouds as their drought continues. https://t.co/vs7iJQiKoO
絶対有給取る、、取れますように 大作戦しちゃうゾ!!
@Indian_Rainman It means rain chances are low now?
RT @AttinghamParkNT: Come rain or shine - there's plenty to do at Attingham in the BEaster holidays! In the Mansion find out 'Who's munc… https://t.co/OqGncSnNJi
RT @RCKuebler: Another load of corn going out before the rain. Might even get some snow on the weekend. https://t.co/sYoFuzNo0G
RT @RandiRicoWLWT: Radar Check Heavier pockets of rain shifting SE of Cincy. The lighter rain continues through the morning rush...and… https://t.co/vvZm3Fi3MB