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Wind 6,3 km/h NNE. Barometer 1016,73 hPa, Falling slowly. Temperature 26,8 °C. Rain today 0,0 mm. Humidity 58%
@TaverneSakura わかってくださいますか…!!もう!何でってくらい嬉しいですよね!そして何でこんなにシナリオを覚えるのは大変なのか!笑
アルバムが手元に来るまで、 まだ暫くありますねー。 首を長ーくして待ちます♥︎∗*゚ 1度しか試聴していませんが #RAIN#は王道で好きです。 ノリノリ・ヒロノリのギターは 最高にカッコいいなっ! https://t.co/OlnumyHURU
#fragrance #beauty #fashion Urban Downpours - Jo Malone Rain & Angelica and Black Cedarwood &... https://t.co/qzI0XRX26k
For Only £14.99. Universal Baby Car Seat Rain Cover. https://t.co/srhLr74Xgz https://t.co/j3HF3qzs8c
@apollomeiji フルバニーとってるし!バニーオスラだーー
RT @can2009: You can't get dry standing out in the rain. You can't get warm standing out in the cold. Come on in. I'll take you there! Thank you #Jesus
4:00 AM 67.0 °F (H 68.3 /L 66.5) Wind 0.1 mph SW. Barometer 29.86 in, Rising slowly. Rain today 0.00 in. Humidity 99%
RT @follow_2PM: [닉쿤] “All Combo” 2018 QQ Dancer 10th Anniversary Music Celebration Let it rain https://t.co/7haeeOMHPx 애흔간단(爱很简单… https://t.co/CGzQSylcAW
Light rain, Moderate visibility, Very light breeze, 12 degrees in East Leake and Loughborough
RT @Estorick: Rain or shine this weekend, plan a visit to the @Estorick and discover #RationalismOnSet, our glamorous exhibition… https://t.co/RInpcwcXTk
100人が 無理、出来ない!と言った。 101人目 自分に聞いた。 やる、出来る! やるしかない♡ 叶えたいんじゃない。 叶える♡ Rain~いつものワガママをもう一度~ https://t.co/yb1PgWyZOq
09:47 Temp. 23°C, Hum. 63%, Dewp. 14.5°C, Bar. 1017 hpa, Rain Today 0 mm
09:44 Temp. 28.1°C, Hum. 48%, Dewp. 15.6°C, Bar. 1030.6 hpa, Rain Today 0 mm
09:00:Temp: 17.0°C, Wind: SSE, 157°, 3mph, 9mph (gust), Rain (1h) 0.0 mm https://t.co/oTBDjXtHqo
@glutenfreeadele But we do have torrential rain now ☔️. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
19:50 Temp. 9.7°C, Hum. 73%, Dewp. 4°C, Bar. 1016.4 hpa, Rain Today 0.6000 mm, Wind 180° 1.1 km/h #weather #wellington #cantbeatwelling
Today's forecast: Thunder, rain and punishment from the skies. Today's reality: https://t.co/BlywGkEoxs
Report for ipuppywx at 4:00 AM: Temp: 73→ Rel. humidity: 100↑ Pressure: 1006.10→ Wind: 0→ from the SW Daily rain: 0.00
09:55 Temp. 22°C, Hum. 68%, Dewp. 14.7°C, Bar. 1026.1 hpa, Rain Today 0 mm
09:57 CEST: Temp 18.9°C. Humidity 91%. Pressure 1013 hPa, rising slowly. Wind S 6 km/h (ave), 15 km/h (gust). Rain in hour 0.0 mm.
08:49 Temp. 16.6°C, Hum. 89%, Dewp. 14.3°C, Bar. 1012.5 hpa, Rain Today 4.3000 mm, Wind 139° 6.1 km/h
09:48 Temp. 20.5°C, Hum. 75%, Dewp. 14.9°C, Bar. 1025.1 hpa, Rain Today 0 mm
So my window is cracked and it’s pouring rain and ps my car is shit and my car window is fucked
RT @etonjamesleslie: Well the #thunder #lightning and heavy rain has hit #Eton & #Windsor with a bang crash and wallop - if this… https://t.co/kT8ljVsVi8