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RT @dodo: The BEST thing to do with your old chairs ❤️ https://t.co/X2dXe2nUTf
@KingTuckerC Love these pictures of you Tucker.
RT @krassenstein: Does anyone here actually feel bad for @TuckerCarlson ? I don't! https://t.co/Iu3efQ1G2R
Tucker in Seattle wants to FLIP CONGRESS & he just made a big contribution to 11 progressive Democrats on the FLIP… https://t.co/KlVHbhef9T
RT @nashvillenoise: .@tanya_tucker and @gw27 sang 'Redneck Woman' together at Tanya's 60th birthday party: https://t.co/HFp1aO96Jn https://t.co/08dLbGsNPt
RT @notlarrysabato: Many are asking for the link to the Democratic candidate in this district (Clauke Tucker)- so here it is. https://t.co/frw9zcIhog
@SimonBooks Our (RetRumplicans) leaders are fools for listening to Tucker. FOX news is the one sinking the ship.
@netflixFilm @netflix @electrolemon Something that’s female led and spooky but also the vibe of tucker and Dale vs evil
Tucker’s dad: “One year for Halloween I dressed up as a woman and drank a fifth of whisky and got into a bar fight.… https://t.co/603n6C4Aim
Nothing says "it's time to go home" like sitting at one's desk at 6:45 on a Friday cracking wise on twitter about "… https://t.co/1OA4fRoDvx
@sportbible They have to do a bush tucker trial with him leaning out of a car window.
@Daily_Hotspur @imacelebrity @MirrorSport Reading the notices on the tree for the bush tucker trial will be a laugh
RT @JordynRicks: 500 retweets and my name will officially be tatted on Nathanyal. Help me out 😌😝 https://t.co/AZOaIwhLA2
I can’t believe Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker single handedly started rush hour traffic
RT @LessonToolbox: Bush Tucker trial activity to help learners identify creepy crawlies from the jungle using a key 🐛🦗🦂via… https://t.co/SxAWsR1AVo
RT @meninvogue: 📷 Tucker des Lauriers photographed by Nicholas Andrews for The Rakish Gent https://t.co/ihkdz8Kgzf
RT @dbongino: I’ll be a guest on the Tucker Carlson Show tonight, don’t miss it.
Hand dryers are extremely unsanitary. It's so disgusting and I hate that some bathrooms only offer hand dryers.
And playing a team of one of their caliber instead of an FCS makes you feel better about yourself then go ahead 😂
@SimonBooks Tucker Carlson is a piece of shit
@Cosmis He just remembers Amir Johnson's ECF vs. Bron. Bron makes still pretty good players look washed. Carroll, Tucker, etc.
RT @EvonS777: Tucker “The most recent estimate suggests that a caravan's worth of uninvited migrants arrives at our border every… https://t.co/4B7i08u5mt