Tweets about a recent trend: Tsonga

La popularité de Jo-Wilfired Tsonga est un vrai mystère.
Presenter translating customary marriages and family in Tsonga #16DaysOfActivism #dialogues with Women Judges and S… https://t.co/Iq63lvVOFE
For the first time I read tsonga understood it without anyone explaining 😅 https://t.co/bLSxVTXQz5
A modern take on Tsonga attire 💚 thank you https://t.co/NwBAiNiKQF
Bro's laptop has a huge collection of Tsonga music. Should get some.
Tsonga people are the original twerkers
RT @SirMchunu: "But Tsonga albums should really come with energy drinks..."
We are actually in the same boat. "@Lizo_Thwala: I wanna learn how to write Tsonga. I can speak it, but writing it is something else."
😂 😂 shots fired "@SirMchunu: "But Tsonga albums should really come with energy drinks...""