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ہانجی People will test you, Allah will help you.
Quiz ada, test ada, em
The only thing that made the test in anthropology okay is that he said our 8am is canceled on Thursday 😍😍
The best RISK test the quality of your BELIEF
''esk test nk jwb gapo '' ayt Surina 😂😂
@letshugbro Just about to test and hack it
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RT @uswntdaily: I'm about to throw up just thinking about doing the Manchester United Fitness Test that I have to do at practice today // @SoccerGrlProbs
RT @AllahGreatQuran: People will test you, Allah will help you.
RT @sighkevs: bukas na test :---((
https://t.co/mGXFqAykYt nasa sembreak pa iisipin mo na kaagad ang pre test hays😭😔
When you only go to class for a test and you get in there and the teacher announces that she delaying it a whole week😑... bye...🚶🏿✌🏾️
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Me: *stays up late drinking* *has a seven page test,next day* *fails* Me: maybe I shouldn't have stayed up drinking😂
why are you always famzing me? how was your test sha? https://t.co/HxC5dGbfmh
@virginmedia don't be #sorry just provide the service I am paying for, yes a wired test