RT @nytimes: With Trump moving into the White House, test your knowledge of 10 other presidential palaces around the world https://t.co/oH2zUzRnG2
I finished the test but aaaaaa idk huhuhu
Hi @WOOLWORTHS_SA just opened this yogurt and it either evaporated or the factory worker did a taste test before se… https://t.co/qYjWpJaqJ2
TEST_GEO_Hierarchy: 558fc38a-437f-40f3-8116-12cbd3a7dc6c
TEST_GEO_Hierarchy: e3b39c68-8e2e-4be2-9866-a6ad36195154
RT @GuillemMonte: Espere que quan faça el test d'orientació la resposta més logica per a mi siga la més logica per a qui haja fet el temari jeje
After invigilating a test with 200 Engineering students and none of the girls is 🔥, 😩 I conclude: It's true what they say about Engineering
RT @thisisasimon: @AtroxAlpha @prwhittle @UKIP quite right, just like every Brit living on the Costa Del Sol. Should have a Spanish test or be sent packing! 🙄
Needle felted Mr. Saturn from Earthbound This one's just a test, I'll be making another for an… https://t.co/vk9LRt6fsz
RT @europasheffield: Mercedes-Benz C Class C180 BLUEEFFICIENCY AMG SPORT £15,350 https://t.co/QMvDcXtgCO Call us if you would like to h… https://t.co/cm1LDqC5Xr
after practical test squad dakdak kelas 5-6 😂 (excluded me) https://t.co/te9pCjnhc8
Also next test now..... help ahahahha
RT @mir0_: 日本人を拉致した北朝鮮側に立って、横田めぐみさんを「死んでいる」と連呼した人でなしは、今回もやはり韓国側に立つわけかw老害の極み。 田原総一朗「大使の帰国は失敗、帰任は至難の技。日本政府はどうするつもりか」[01/19]★2… https://t.co/kyeiZ1LhSG
Wish I'd passed my driving test sooner so I didn't have to be eye level with someone's crotch at 8 o' clock in the morning
@craigray11 @kaymorizm Fair enough but then he has to stop buggering about and rather announce his retirement from test cricket.
@frecklesfem yours is like when I was learning crazy shit about evolution in my Christian school tho. Every day is a gaslighting test.
RT @TarynMSMusic: Every time I try to turn my life around and be a decent person, people gotta test me
私の語彙力は・・・【26100】です!あなたは? https://t.co/9WtL9xA3W6 #私の語彙力は うーん由希に敵わなかった。
RT @Fact: Laughter helps increase memory and learning. Incorporating humor into education leads to higher test scores.
RT @FemaleStruggIes: me giving myself pep talks for school: look ur not very pretty or talented so you're gonna need to do super well on this test
I have a toxicology test tomorrow SO SING IT WITH ME https://t.co/7b6e1FlCRX