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Man.. Having good girlfriends will really get you through some trying times!! ❤️❤️❤️
RT @JigglyPants44: @Tintie4 @auntbeulah They do seem to be having some trying times with BDS. Maybe growing pains? They're still in better shape than the CPC!
@Beverly_Dee hey you heard them live. And I got you the Lines, Vines and Trying Times CD for your bday as soon as it released here #BFFaward
I'll be the one standing by through good and through trying times
RT @ldd2407: Difficult and trying times will always reveal true friends
RT @KeyYouthCharity: Starting #Uni this week? Here is some tips from @MindCharity to manage what will be trying times to manage for some.
Webinar " & in these Trying Times".
keeping me alive in these trying times (✪㉨✪)
RT @mclissePUSHER: Trying times are not the times to stop trying. MCLISSE On ItsShowtime
Good morning my people, how was the night! In this trying times never forget to say I thank you oluwa na gwo deh.
Trying times are times not to stop trying.
@NewyJetsMarquee @LawrieMcKinna even in trying times it's good to see you guys have a sense of humour.
Surrigate Gods, Surrogate Parents - It is a gross understatement to say that we live in trying times.  The Chur...
small comforts in these trying times; my buttonhole foot has finally become second nature
Trying times are not the times to stop trying.
@jaf3296 @HiltonWorldwide boo hoo . I will keep u in my prayers during these trying times
We are in the face of trying times.. yet we stand tall in the midst of any and all adversity 💡 💡…
tbh half moon by dean is what keeps me going in these trying times
@katiecuon this made me cry and see god in these trying times
RT @gilsonalex4: Thanks man, it means a lot in these trying times
@Natacle i am always here for emotional support in these trying times
In trying times I remember Daniel survived the furnace with faith in God. Anything I'm put through is far less.
@AveryWatchdog would a tiny sculpture of a clam help you in these trying times
RT @moisturizeds: Ive seen way too much caucasity on my timeline for tonight. Lord let me move past these trying times!