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RT @30Glizzy: If you ever disrespected me in I didn't react don't trust me lol
RT @ItsPartyyOmo: Our generation has lost the value of romance, the value of trust, the value of conversation, sadly small talk is the new deep.
Hmmm ano ba ito biro lang, figurative speech, partial truth. Given his track record who could possibly trust this a…
RT @JeffreyCabrer20: Nowadays every is like dont trust anyone. I'll trust anyone just don't fuck up because I won't trust you
RT @asn585: When you are in the arms of someone you TRUST @mainedcm #ALDUB73rdWeeksary everything wiLL do @aldenrichards02 wiLL…
RT @itslifethought: You must trust that everything happens for a reason, & everything that is done with good grace will work out in the end.
RT @KPMG: Understanding #TrustedAnalytics use and purpose to help organizations trust new insights
I trust God with my Life... after all He gave it to me.
RT @Friendstagram: If I tell you my problems, that means I trust you.
RT @httpsantha: bila aku dah start tawar hati, trust me. it will be worst.
@asif12252 Thy trust India more than Pak..They have considered opinion that Pak is behind all violence in their country
I can barely trust anyone now hahaha
RT @AlyciaTyre: If someone wants to make things right with you trust me they will
Thanks to everyone who joined us carol singing @scgracechurch . A lovely atmosphere and donation to African Space Trust.
RT @Nash076: Once ad networks started letting malware through people lost faith in ALL ads, and ad networks never put in the work to rebuild user trust.
RT @roxeteingrid: When someone trust you blindly, never prove them blind Happy4thMonthsary MARTA
1. Don't EVER break her trust, lie, cheat, or do anything that would cause her to question you
@RonanLTynan I chose to leave the EU, I didn't believe in what they said, I never trust a politician,or did until JC & the chicken coop..1/2
RT @b_schumacher20: I put full trust in the big man upstairs, he's got a plan 🙏🏼
RT @_nxsy: Keep me on ur trust👌
RT @BelTel: National Trust manor on Rathlin Island open after one million pound refurb