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RT @jtilford92: You know you hit a low spot in your life when your drinking root beer off a plate
Dat look wen u ask for a sip 🍷 and u are now passing ur boundary 😂. #Trueblood 💪 🗿
El Cap 10 de la temporada 4 de # TrueBlood fue 🌝❤️😏
Does Twilight meets Trueblood sound too cheesy? Describing a grown up version of immortals... LOL
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@MattieLBreaux Yes! @TrueBloodHBO is the best! I miss it so much‼️ #TrueBlood ❤️⚰️❤️
✨🎂Chillin, relaxing, chillout together with #liveme Trueblood👅🍑😩💕 :
RT @babyvamp_85: #TrueBlood -New Descriptive Jessica Hamby -Not New to RP -Lesbian
Don't blame the Ferrari just because you can't drive #Lafeyette #trueblood
#AnnaPaquin The Piano (DVD, 1998) Holly Hunter , Harvey Keitel ,Sam Neill , Anna Paquin NEW
I've just watched episode S03E03 of True Blood! #trueblood
pq sooke nao pede ao Bill um pouco do sangue dele ? ai ela vai ter menos libido pelo Eric #TrueBlood