Tropical Storm Bill

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Excellent. A bit like an Old Skool boxing bill. Ding, Ding!
Traitor Bill Kristol conspiring with Morning Joe on how Hillary should campaign to win. Nothing new.
Za @meandar izlazi knjiga 'Sveučilište u ruševinama' u kojoj Bill Readings dekonstruira retoriku ‘izvrsnosti’.
Ledy Lo(5 halfling brawler) was struck to death by Bill the Stone Troll and clobbered into soup on Trollmire 4.
RT @nabresource: Montana and Virginia tribes 'duped' with federal recognition bill: Congress hasn't extended federal recogniti...
Bill Maher Jokes About Trump Assassination, Still Believes Trump Could Win
Passage of #JASTA bill is like stirring up a hornet's nest. Like most #US moves post 9/11,this will also create mess
RT @NYEW: "Now is the time. Needs are great, but your possibilities are greater." - Bill Blackman
RT @djhistory: Check this out, or else DJ History Podcast #368 | Bill Brewster on #SoundCloud
Make a bill of complaint via pillowcase sets.: DsYxWNhi
I'm just a BILL I am only a BILL.
RT @RamzZy_: Kim K's body from the side shaped like the letter 'q'
Bill Clinton couldn't be impeached this time around but he could be charged with assault with a dead weapon. #Limp
@TrevorNcube I agree with gilbert, beggars never stop begging, 2 or 5 bill, it will vanish like 15bill. Reset industry so get employed
Merkel Takes Aim at Populist ‘Lies’ Spread Through Social Media via @technology #RefugeesNotWelcome #globalism #AfD
That pig bill krystol giving campaign advice to Hillary on morn. Joe. When will he officially change parties??already acting like a Dem prog
RT @FactsInYourFace: Bill Gates changed his school's program codes so he was placed in class with mostly female students.
As if @Joey7Barton can't see that Sevco are trying everything they can to get him off the wage bill. They are jumping on this.
RT @PlanteThomas: If I made $250k a year I wouldn't give 2 💩 about the hydro bill either you FUCK! Wake up and smell what's burning!
2 year for this event. #ShellKnob Blessing of the Animals, Blessings by Pastor Bill Kenagy
Always buy Scottish produce whenever possible.
RT @intlspectator: Bill and Hillary Clinton made over $153 million from paid speeches between 2001 and 2015 according to CNN report.