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Türk milleti kadar troll bi millet olamaz 😂 Bursa'da 2 bin dolar bozdurana mezar taşı bedava ama ben bu hareketi Adana'dan beklerdim 😂😂
Wow I don't know if this is a troll or not but this person is incredibly fucked up on so, soooo many levels
Kylie Jenner Replies Back at Troll Who Said She Looked Like a 14 Year Old Whore
@Mikelennial @DJPaMCMa I read with my eyes. Are you a retarded monkey? I'm still waiting troll. Enlighten me with your intelligence.
@ScottMadin @btx91 like I said, I don't think it was a joke with innocent intent. More a troll of "let's see who we can stir up"
RT @ryanbeckwith: Huntsman for Secretary of State would be a great way to troll China with his apparently bad Mandarin.
@Heavencantwait @wotofo i think i found the problem on my troll last night!
@reborn4thTime wow kruti what a troll 👊👏👏👌👌
Still here hoping that NUSWhisper post is a troll.
La mujer dijo que no hubo tal cosa en TV. Sino fueras un troll, ya te hubieran empapelado
@HennaSafy ليه يا اموره انتي و هيه el uncalled for troll - انتي تنكشي عمتو ايمان ليه ؟ انتي مش تعرفي عمتوا ايمان لسانها اوسخ من كلوتاتكو؟
Punk hoe before the troll kid/ punk hoe after the troll kid 😂 stop lying slut bucket.....
@MatthewTeague He is talking about people trying to build an ethnostate. I'm giving him a pep talk. Twitter is where I troll and shitpost.
@zedism just going to leave this here so you know you are talking to a troll that threatens other fans. There are…
@free_peteruser 음... 너무 늦게 주무시지는 마시길. 몸에 좋지 않습니다.
@shadsssss @theaishaalii you can't troll either. I'm going to make it just for this now so I can rinse you back! Haha
@Montel_Williams Montel, are u seriously arguing with a baby troll???
@PasaPPalabra @Trinken_Troll q mal gusto reirse así de Espe. No veis q le desespera no poder escapar más a toda pastilla de los urbanos?
@lavanialicious Unga frnds madhiri inga lite aa edithukumatanga..They will troll u plz delete this tweet...Don't compare with ntr.