RT @Suliin18YT: Me gustó un video de @YouTube LA SANDIA MAS TROLL DE TODAS // SANDIA CHALLENGE
RT @d_seaman: Demonstrable proof I was talking about Pizzagate back in November. "Titus" is a liar and character attack troll.
@gizo all their anti troll stuff basically.
RT @PGAngela4: Look at this paid troll "creating a reason" to suspend me again. Remember what I said about #TheResistance hashtags…
Dionysius I of Syracuse was an IRL troll
RT @overratedfangs: "no soy tránsfobo, tengo amigos trans" Espero que sea un troll o una broma porque de verdad gente ya cansais
RT @Vicky4Trump: You pesky troll. Boring as hell. Bye bye. @Hippy350 @POTUS
@itseffinjas lmaoo I honestly just said that to troll you since you wrote that
@WiseWoodrow running to Twitter for more attention = troll confirmed
@getnickwright got all your GSW troll tweets in while you could huh lmao. We all know this hurts u and Colin. Dumb hot takes for ratings
@EddieTowers777 @Alexander_IK troll cuánto te pagan por tweet?
RT @akaworldwide: People have no failures of my own to troll me with so they troll me with other people's successes because they have none.
i followed mike cernovich to troll him except I can't stand to read his tweets
Are these two candidates the best America has to offer it Citizens
@Pryorsparadise i hope you're at least being paid to troll. Otherwise SAD
@bakedalaska ordered to "delete her facebook" lol. But not before they troll through the whole thing to find the whitest looking photo?
RT @scheanamarie: Lied? You're an asshole. I genuinely felt we were in a good place. So STFU and troll somewhere else. ✌🏼
Rockets beat OKC, troll MVP candidate Russell Westbrook on #Twitter after game - :
@hellofrompilar @seanhannity says the Troll who sucks at being a Troll lol fuk off!!
@Burger_Baron when did I say hard done by ? #troll