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Was er iemand in de AB om de #Triffids te zien? En is dat nog de moeite zonder Dave McComb? #dtv @ABconcerts
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@mechtroid I know. Pun is always intended. But yeah, I read Day of the Triffids. I'm not sure why, but it's a cult thing in my family
@Ima_Ga_Saikou OH SHIT YOU READ DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS? +2 cool points in my book.
RT @GillianMKendall: About to go teach THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS. There's nothing quite like a walking vegetable. #amteaching #amreading #amwritingfantasy
Now on AOTP: The Triffids - A Trick Of The Light
@AsYouLikelt Youtube. There are some really amazing Tales of the Unexpected episodes. Also, Day of the Triffids. Lates 70s horror. The best.
@SisterMerkin Yikes Sister. The 1981 TV series of "The day of the Triffids" routinely sent me behind the couch....
Aaaah it's Monster Monday so we watched 2009's The Day of the Triffids!
Aussie Power The Triffids - Wide Open Road (1986) via @YouTube
In remembrance of David McComb... The Triffids Live at AB - Ancienne Bel... via @YouTube
Sea spiders are horrible but crinoids are worse. Look up crinoid videos. They are practically triffids. I am sure I've said this already
Richard Smedley – The Triffids Are Already Here: Ignite Liverpool - Enlightening Liverpool one presentation a...
Richard Smedley – The Triffids Are Already Here posted by Ignite Liverpool.
Day Of The Triffids 2.0 Remember that book...
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Christopher Gunning: music excerpts from "The Day of the Triffids"
RIP my Solidarnosc and Triffids shirts, Oct 16 - Oct 16. I hope where you are you keep someone who appreciates you both happy xxx
Concertverslag van The Triffids in de Ancienne Belgique - AB
@PGJpublishing Oh man, Triffids, Black Swan. No wonder we always got on so well.
Bury me deep in love. The Triffids. Fantastic evening with @mistermrbcooper @ggsmith and @Neeneelou