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This is good fun. Real life enactments of what it's like to play Trials HD
I want to play Trials HD but I only have the trial I hate you floated off?
@LegiitPrince where were they when my zune HD, new vans, wallet, phone all got stolen in the locker rooms??? My zune was lit
Nigga this is trials hd in real life @cody_gary
@TheRichWoods Your previous tweets about the Zune HD actually reminded me to get one. Thank you.
@TheRichWoods @evil_pro_ I still have a brand new never opened Zune HD in my closet. I should do something with it.
Trials HD Fun 2 W SykoZomBro
@ReRepRep No, sorry. I meant the Zune (HD).
【訛り実況】 TRIALS HD Vol:01 (18:19) #sm13367541 このシリーズ三部作なんだけどキリンさんのテンションいつもと違って面白いしたまにでる素笑いにぁぁぁぁぁぁってなるからほんとオススメ
4 years ago ....feels like yesterday
@pixiecita I still have a Zune HD. It owns.
@Shad0wKn1ght93 I need it to sync the Zune HD I bought recently.
Surprised to find that the stock #GalaxyS7 earbuds sound better than my $50 Premium #Zune HD earbuds. I guess those things are getting old.
Aug 2009: Microsoft to rival Apple with new Zune HD music player
I still have my zune HD and it was better than ipods sorry
: My custom Zune HD and Surface 2 RT why I don't trust M$ - the Controller Workshop reminds me this beautiful guy
#ebay #sale Microsoft Zune HD 16GB Black Video Digital Media MP3 Player FM: $59.98   $199.99  ... #ebay #sale
Wow, I love @listia! I just won this for free, The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials HD UV code
Maze Runner The Scorch Trials HD 1080p Latino vía @@CompucaliTvs
@MaximumPowerUp when Trials HD first turned up on the 360,I loved it so much.
@SnazzyQ Hm, this or 12 Zune HD's. Decisions decisions....
I want a Zune HD if I had the money, and some way of ensuring I sleep tonight