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*trying on heels for treys homecoming* OMG mom my calves hurry get a picture!
Aint no one know how to piss me off better than my mom. 😅
When me and Treys mom text, a majority of it is just roasting Trey the whole time 😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍
RT @ComedyWorIdStar: when ur mom won't let you have the syrup in your sprite :/
Wish treys mom would make me a cake
My mom likes Raegan more than she likes me.....
Treys mom is way nicer than him
Treys mom gave me flowers #bless
Woke up this morning to treys mom going ham in my kitchen #sauceandmeatballs #pepperonibread #stuffedshells 😍😇
i hate how right when ryan an Sabrina get home i get yelled for standing outside waitin for my mom w/ treys friends.. like if u dont like
Shoutout to Treys mom for the gift card for my birthday & my beauty insider coupon 😇🤗
My mom trips me out when she calls me treys babymama, like Erika chill out! lol
@MALibooo__ I have treys wrestling meet on sat and then dinner, then I'm shopping on sun and doing lunch with my mom😅
Treys mom: why don't you guys use flash cards? Danae used flash cards. Trey: So? look where she is now Me: Shes a lawyer