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Mark Levin GOES OFF on Trey Gowdy, Lindsey Graham, Mueller, & more - Aud... via @YouTube
Wednesday March 21 - Roll Call Headlines: Republican Lawmakers Missed Opportunity to Save Trump From Trump; Sen…
Trey songz Last Time > Trey songz Nobody Else But You
@realDonaldTrump Nervous?? In the words of Trey Gowdy “If you’re innocent, start acting like it”
Hello armon and trey@TheRealAandT
RT @MGEParentCenter: Learning about Twitter with Trey Serna and my Parent Educator friends. @FBISDCommunity
RT @jennerific713: @realDonaldTrump Trey Gowdy, “if you’re innocent, stop acting guilty.”
@realDonaldTrump “If your client is innocent then act like it.” -Trey Gowdy
We all love those good morning text sucks I can’t get one....
@GolicAndWingo @MikeGolicJr @espngolic does Trey think by using the players first name only, we think he's best bud…
Awu Trey Songz Silevu we babies we are for this
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RT @wokeluisa: Trey Gowdy: Mueller’s investigation has gone on too long. Also Trey Gowdy: spent four years investigating Benghazi.
RT @chuckwoolery: I have to admit I'm a little disappointed in Trey Gowdy. The Dog that Barked what we all wanted to hear, but never bites.
애초에 죽은 자의 기억을 잃는 건 남은 자를 슬픔에 빠지게 하지 않기 위해서라고들 하니까요.
@GolicAndWingo trey when r u gonna realize Jr hates u. And pretty much all of America too. Ur very condescending.
RT @NGIndonesia: Depresi bukanlah perasaan stres atau sedih biasa, namun perasaan yang tidak bahagia dan merasa tak punya harapan.
RT @TheMasters: 12 days until #themasters and a special room just for Masters champions. #cominginapril