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RT @jenilynn1001: We would be called xenophobic bigots if there was a #ChristianWomensDay, But since #MuslimWomensDay is trending, l…
¿En verdad tienen impacto esos trending topic que pagan los políticos? En lo personal creo que en su momento sí lo era, ahora ya no.
Mom Gets Bad Feeling About Couple at Grocery Checkout When Suddenly She Hears ‘Say Bye to Mommy’
@Apple I've a real problem, trending articles from that scum bag paper The Sun appearing in the News app under trending
RT @SudhirFans: We are trending at No1 position in India and this shows that people of India stand with Zee News…
Yikes.. Nakatulog ako kagabi sa sobrang pagod. Haha.. Still trending pala! Grabe sila oh! YASNER DarnaAtSuperman
RT @Alyssa_Milano: Let's get #FlipThe6th trending. Do you think we can do it? #voteyourossoff
RT @chad_the_gemini: When you see Bernice trending and you think the crazy bish from south beach tow done killed someone😂😭
RT @maspiyuuu: Tampil Gemilang di Mata Najwa, Pak Anies Jadi Trending Topik
RT @joefrancis: Fashion trending footwear made from recycled water bottles #fashionweek #voguemagazine
RT @trendinaliaMX: #AquiTengoTu acaba de convertirse en TT ocupando la 6ª posición en México. Más en #trndnl
RT @Maharlika__: Let's get #HBDDuterte trending to show our support and love. Sabay sabay nating batiin ang Pangulo na nagmamal sa I…
RT @LaloDagach: Blogger Ayaz Nizami was arrested in Karachi for blasphemy, now #HangAyazNizami is trending in Pakistan. (Part 3)
RT @XandraNichele: KARAMEL IS ENDGAME because the fans keep trending random phrases each week #Supergirl
RT @zxdroopy: #ScarletHeart is trending. Idk why but I just finished watching this beautiful drama. I must say... YOU SHOULD WATCH TOO
RT @Dai5y_Day: Girl's Day is trending #1 Showcase #6 MV as most watched video on Naver #걸스데이
RT @mojokdotco: Kamu yang mengaku menyayangi Mojok, mari kita jadikan #MojokBubar trending topic nomor 1 hari ini.