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RT @lilbratzzdoll: this is literally my favorite thing to do.
RT @MADBLACKTHOT: Me trying to think of a funny “first of all” tweet
RT @LocalEmoMom: me, wasting time on this useless app until i die
RT @CSUNMensSoccer: Daniel Trejo gets 2 goals in the win over UC Irvine in #BigWest play!
RT @damnbxtch_: me hice pendeja todo el fin y la tarea bieeeeeeen gracias
RT @artfuIsouls: not to be dramatic but this is one of the worst things i have had to go through
RT @jesschilvers: But this is the real mind fuck one tho
Awal sangat fox ni buat star wars marathon,tggu bulan 12 la
RT @dayswithdaze: Wish our time was right
Casamiento de Mariela y José
RT @ThatsLudaChriss: Single me does not define relationship me
RT @McJesse: I've done the research and there's no way her ass is sitting on that stool.
RT @denistheg0d: Next person to try to play me getting jumped
RT @Ali_loco1: "All men are trash" First of all, That's true.
RT @abbn0rmal_: Nvm imma just say it. Y’all dicks be deflating after sex and that shit funny as hell ... Lil flat tire dicks LMAOOOOOOOOO
RT @itsgiorgiarose: "you suck at texting" first of all i don't even wanna talk to you
RT @sh6wty: “Drinking isn’t cute” First of all, i ain’t tryna look cute i’m tryna get drunk
RT @jazzteabeer: Wed 18/10 @TheLescar: Alicia Gardener-Trejo's 11 piece band. How will we fit them all in!? Come along & find out!
RT @GirlPosts: if you thought your dog came quickly when you called? Well, wait till you see Pickle...
RT @omarsafone: “So what are we” First of all, were just ordinary people.
RT @alyinas: Lauryn fucking Hill.