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RT @naksinc: I can't believe I ever let a nigga treat me like shit
RT @queenkimbaby: Im not the prettiest girl but Im loyal and Id treat you right.
@peachytaeehyung You're just gonna leave me to rot alone bitch ass,do you not remember all the bs I've done for you
@Trenahh Jail treat him good! Aah!
RT @JCharmonn: your bf or gf doesn't have to look better than your ex to be an upgrade. if they offer more and treat you better, that's an upgrade as well
RT @_makaylaaB: It hurt me so baaad how people treat me . Because Ill never do them like that 唐 . ion understand why me tho 丹賤儭
Pics include email confirming my phone interview (disappeared from my email but I had a pic) email from Alina Vel
RT @Aaron_scott22: If you have to constantly ask your bf/gf to treat you like a king/Queen then let them go. Somebody who truly loves
RT @_KaitlynKelley: If I ever have daughter one day, I pray she never lets a boy treat her the way Ive allowed boys to treat me.
RT @__DMITCH03__: Being "raised right" doesn't mean you don't drink, party, and smoke. Being raised right is how you treat people, your manners & respect.
RT @ShaykhAzhar: Message to men Just because a Muslim woman doesnt wear hijab that doesnt give you license to hit on her and t
treating mfs how they treat me idgaf who you are.
RT @osullivanauthor: Trump just replaced H.R. McMaster with John Bolton. Continuing to treat his Presidency like an episode of The Appre
Treat yourself to a post-work, pre-weekend beer! You deserve it!
Do Not Make Someone A Priority When They Only Treat You As An Option
RT @ODUPHC: Come visit the PHC table in front of Webb on Admitted Students day for a sweet treat from PHC 突 We cant wait to m
I dont mean to be so uptight, but my hearts been hurt by a couple guys that didnt treat me right
RT @kiyanssss: Im not the prettiest girl but Im loyal and Id treat you right
@realDonaldTrump You know what they do with traitors in Russia, right? And once they are done with you, do you thin
a lady came to my job with a giant fluffy bear dog, let me pet it and feed it a treat. thank you fluffy bear dog lady, i envy your life.
RT @queenkimbaby: Im not the prettiest girl but Im loyal and Id treat you right.
@BIGSIS___ Its not about who lives matter its about makin sense when speaking on things like this. If you dont a
RT @ASlavitt: Republicans treat lunch for low income kids and health care for the elderly as wasted giveaways but gladly blow up
You have to be consistent and report without prejudice... again if he was non white the narrative would be totally