Tweets about a recent trend: TRAX

@kingcerad @not_trax Lmao bro you literally have $200 earned stop 😭 Trax only has $3 he just started playing cod lmao
@DECI714 @not_trax sorry man should i block you 3$ isnt not worth my time
@kingcerad @not_trax Bro he only has $3 like I can’t wtf
@DECI714 @not_trax i do lol i would smoke you
@DECI714 @not_trax if you dont link 20+ im not playing
@kingcerad @not_trax You makin it sound like you have a lot
@DECI714 @not_trax nope im not playing for 3$
@kingcerad @not_trax Trax only has $3 let’s play and we’ll play for more after
@DECI714 @not_trax lmao sure 20+ im not playing for 5 rat
Tickets are up for our screening of "Industrial Accident: The Story of Wax Trax! Records"! Link provided below 🤘…
@kingcerad @not_trax Him and I against you
Upcoming Maelstrom via Central Processing Unit
@kingcerad @not_trax Let’s chall? For $5?
@not_trax yup yoyur trolling report pls play me for 30+
Who has a laptop w/ ableton and serum my laptop is broken and I need to make trax
@kingcerad Bro you were screaming at us while being 1-7