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RT @ZFlu_: need his verse from the 'You Don't Know' remix w/Travis Porter
need his verse from the 'You Don't Know' remix w/Travis Porter
Travis Porter TUNEIN AND TURN IT UP- Birthday Girl-Clean
Travis Porter TUNEIN AND PIPE IT UP- Birthday Girl-Clean
Travis Porter - Birthday Girl-Clean
Travis Porter - Make Me Sick (Mixshow.Clean)
Moment of silence for Travis Porter a fall off like theirs is rare lmao
Now playing travis porter -ayy ladies.mp3 by !
I'm Kali and I'm still on my Travis porter shit #FUXKKKKKYACOUCH 😂
Travis Porter - Travis Porter-Never Sober Prod By 8Track
RT @JabaliBarrett: Okay no lie but niggas can’t lie and say Travis Porter, Roscoe Dash, Yung Futuristic, Yung L.A., Waka Flocka, New B…
We're spinnin' :: Styles & Complete ft Travis Porter - Pop This Get Lit (Original Mix) :: The hottest EDM 24/7 at !
Travis Porter - Ayy Ladies
@ShyLucid_Uno I don’t even remember the singles on Sean album besides Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay which was only raw…
She also asked me who Travis Porter is 🤦🏾‍♀️
We're spinnin' :: Travis Porter ft Tyga X Sam Spiegel & Ape Drums X Fraze - Ayy Ladies (Jpan Bootleg) :: The hottes…
Confession: I still listen to Travis porter 😂😂😂
Travis Porter has classics fr lol.
I cant listen to Travis porter without reliving CMU and i just cant go back to that place in my life. So i dont wan…
waitin on that new Travis Porter
@Iam_ShanSmith OoooOooo I’m listening to Travis porter now. I can’t beat that lol
@goativity Not Really. Travis Porter Was Legendary Nonetheless But Migos Something Different.
Travis Porter still slapping.