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@trintheterrible Is it ex - plan - uh - tory ?
In a 14 Team SuperFlex TE Prem Auction ($1000), QB prices went wild, but have started building a team. QB: Jared Go…
RT @erwil9: Simply adjusting shotgun rarity colors in Fortnite v3.4 had a fascinating effect on player behavior. Pump Shotgun c…
RT @_TronVin_: Tony Hawk is on a quest to have people remember who he is
@johncampea What on earth. I’ve only ever seen 2 sesperate lines. What is this a county fair
Naked Peek-A-Boo (Travis McCoy ft. William Beckett and The Butcher)
🎧: Next up is the last song from Wheein's request. This is "Need You" by Travis McCoy. Playing now, only on 27.3 FM…
RT @theofficialmads: "Death Stranding Cast On Smoke Break Is One Of The Coolest Photos You’ll See"
I’ve always had a crush on Travis McCoy 😍
Wow Travis McCoy is still 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😻😻😻😻
@JoeGoodberry I’m beginning to expect BPA at 21, trade up from 46 with extra picks to secure a center in late 1, very early 2
RT @MonrovianPrince: just need to have this video of John Cena posted so I can re-watch it whenever
@RaminNasibov Cats are amazing creatures.