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Funny how our mind works.Passed a tv playing transformers yesterday at work and last night I dreamt I was fighting the deceptacons 😩
With Ouija, Hasbro (Transformers, G.I. Joe and, um, Battleship) tried to spin a ...
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Transformers Rid Prime BeastHunter G1 Evasion BigSize Optimus Prime
Primus not being horrible by intentionally drawing a fursona is going to ruin transformers forever
Mr A loved Transformers @UniversalORL the ride takes you inside an epic transformer's film landscape, met Bumblebee…
@noobde will Titanfall 2 have optimus prime(transformers) as a dlc again?
RT @TFormers: #Transformers Transformers The Last Knight Celebrates London Filming Wrap With 'The Last Night'…
@bask82 gracias tio. Al final compre un codigo de 1 mes con los puntos del game. Casi se me pasa el transformers y el R.Evil.
RT @cultjer: Paramount releases video to mark the end of filming on 'Transformers: The Last Knight'
RT @PlayStationRU: Всем подписчикам PlayStation Plus в октябре дарим Resident Evil и Transformers: Devastation на PS4!
@adamcarolla fricking Transformers ruining my Rotten Tomatoes score. 5 points! 5! I blame Bryan.
I've got pickled onion transformers, a chocolate mini roll and a 50p mix up in my bag for lunch... what age am I?
Transformers 1 & 2 was based on a true story 3 & 4 don't matter robots like that exist
Transformers llega a el Metro de Caracas Altamira (+Video) #SIGUEMEYTESIGO...
RT @FOXSports_PH: Alyssa Valdez admits the Transformers need to further build chemistry if they are to make more noise.…
Artista tailandés creó Transformers en tamaño real #SIGUEMEYTESIGO ...
Transformers Epic Music Mix 1 - Autobots μέσω του χρήστη @YouTube