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@inspectorplanet Real World training vs Gym training
RT @CustomsMv: Training Program on Presentation skills was held today for Customs executives. Thank you @MNDF_Official for facilit…
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RT @womenup_eu: Pelvic floor muscle training for #UrinaryIncontinence. Effectiveness and incoming improvements for the treatment
RT @moviluptech: @Pudingtane NO GO ZONES UNDER MUSLIM CONTROL IN US Hidding Training Camp 36 Muslim enclaves spreading across US
Who else is trying to get summer ready or just be a better you?! Dm me for info on personal training & Herbalife💪🏽💚
RT @Baseballism: Spring Training is underway! Make sure you switch your phones too...
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@RMcKeefery at SC @NSCA clinic... rationalizing the training process should be (relatively) easy - motivating the athletes is the challenge
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Nice of the Sox to let professional bowler Mookie Betts play in a spring training game.
RT @Jetso_s: What kind of training y'all be in yo.
@jim_brown Can you postpone this until marathon training kicks back in for me?
RT @williamnyy23: I don't begrudge teams for selling naming rights, but the old Spring Training ballpark names were kind of cool.
56/365 It was wet, cold, and windy today, but I got a bit of training done, mostly playing…
Training in da morning 😭😭 and i'm still awake 😣
Me: @Cardinals baseball starts today!!! "It's just spring training calm down" Me:
RT @MattyC47: @andrewdavidcox also I want to start training with @Superkickd you should join me
I thought I was going to be nicer to the Mets this year and it lasted one inning of one spring training game.
RT @TrueRedDevils__: Scholes: “If Shaw was fit & flying & playing the way he should be & training the way he should be, he would definitely be the first-choice."
RT @cpredsox: @acobasi @HoustonDSA @ZaidJilani it's like a sixth sense now with how quickly I can smell their bullshit. 2016 was great training.
This is great edit from a training camp at Al Ain made by Jana Dukatova